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Sunday, 24 June 2018

storm is threatening | the best way to carry a baby | We wants safety


the best way to carry a baby

#08 | by Md. Imam Hasan

Untitled [Dhaka]: photo by Muhammad Imam Hasan, 14 June 2018

What is it about this world of color and life and the living we find so strange, so threatening and wrong, so deeply, darkly, dangerously not-us?

Bermuda shorts stars n stripes ball cap senior guy in line at ice cream shop on Solano, will you die if exposed to it, as we were always taught about radiation after the blast?  

Or is this perhaps what being born feels like, though we will remember nothing of what came before, except for a single word, and never be able to say it, and the look on your face, as you quickly turn away, and I shuffle past, tells me I ought to speak for myself?

Dhaka | 2018 | by Sohail Bin Mohammad

El movil tambien es una buena arma... | by mavricich

El movil tambien es una buena arma.... [Pinamar, BsAs, Argentina]: photo by pablo mavricich, circa 2018

DSC07574-stavrosstam | by stavrosstam

DSC07574-stavrosstam: photo by Stavros Stamatiou, 26 May 2018

DSC05214-stavrosstam | by stavrosstam

DSC05214-stavrosstam: photo by Stavros Stamatiou, 14 May 2018