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Saturday, 28 June 2014


19th century greetings card: artist unknown


sleepy fox: TC

Here are links to the later individual post entries (after 26 June 2014), in alphabetical order:

A Dance of Light and Shadow

A Grievous Deception (Fabricating War Out of Absolutely Nothing)
Alien Emergency

And then the Alien turned toward Zanna
An End to Empire

Another stunning sunset: Ilan Pappe: Israel's righteous fury and its victims in Gaza
A Transparency (The word made from broken pieces): "Nobody is asleep in Gaza"
A very strong energy drink

Back into the Ruins: What is this? Just stunned
Better Together?

Borderlands: Between the Dream and the Reality
College Pigskin Preview: The New Amazing Return of A Crazy American Girl
Daniel Abdal-Hayy Moore: Faced

Democracy DOA (working conditions)
Dennis Cowals: Before the Pipeline (Near the End of the Dreamtime)

Dr Mads Gilbert on the Palestinian will to resist: "I compare occupation with occupation"
Emily Dickinson: Tell all the Truth but tell it slant
Erasing the Forgotten: Has Gaza Eluded the Historical Memory of Poetry?

Fernando Pessoa: The falling of leaves that one senses without hearing them fall
Fireworks are like anything else in life, he said


Have Mercy ((Mr. Obama, do you have a heart? A letter from Dr. Mads Gilbert, a physician working in Gaza)
Hazard Response: What Went Wrong in Happy Valley?

Heimat: A Tribute in Light: What's So Funny 'Bout Peace, Love and Understanding
"Hello my name is..."
Hijos de un dios mejor

I am the bullets, the oranges and the memory: Mahmoud Darwish: Ahmad Al-Za'tar / Fadwa Tuqan: Hamza
Is something broken in The Great Towns? Dougie Wallace: Shoreditch Wildlife

I will make mine arrows drunk with blood
John Frank Keith: Oh, Yeah?
killing us while we are sleeping

Lights out in BEAU Y Town

lost souls
Mahmoud Darwish: Silence for Gaza
Mahmoud Darwish: Under Siege
Munitions Madness: Procurement and Disposal

Naomi Shihab Nye: For Mohammed Zeid of Gaza, Age 15
No Place Like Ohm
no one knows
Palintology: Final Words

Pedestrians -- A Problem in Traffic Engineering  
Price reductions
Rebuilding the House of Stones: A Meditation Outside the Fertile Grounds Cafe

Robert Creeley: A Wicker Basket

Robinson Jeffers: Point Joe
Russell Edson: The Pilot
Seeing Multiples: Ghosts of Jönköping ("We are somewhere else")
Shadows on the Bridge

Shock (but there it is)
Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen: Eternalization (Se tanto me dói que as coisas passem)  

the daily screenshot

The General Comes Home: Miko Peled: "Gaza reminds us of Zionism's original sin"
The Human Abstract
The meaning of world football
The Toll: Asmaa Al-Ghoul: Never ask me about peace again

Thomas Wyatt: Stond who so list vpon the Slipper toppe / Seneca: Chorus Two: from Thyestes

Welcome home, villager: A window into the minds of the occupiers ("the most moral army in the world")
When medics cry
While we were away at the circus of representation: Ten minutes and then no home -- no memory, no history
"Who you out here for?"

Why Hillary 

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