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Wednesday, 2 May 2018

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sleepy fox: TC

Here are links to individual post entries after 6 April 2018:

being in time is a pink cloud over Mount Tam (Stephen Ratcliffe: Temporality) | a quarter revolution | peeing in a trump hotel
carnival | golden child on elevator booster seat lights up death awareness cafe with contagious fink smile
catastrophe - or independence day? | Mahmoud Darwish: O those who pass between fleeting words
Coexistence III (running late) | kickabout 2 (El arco cayó sin testigos)
Coexistence IV: Joseph Ceravolo: Stay | a grove of red cedar trees in the blue forest after the engine blew out is burning
Coexistence V | Bloody Gina is the nice lady who lives next door so better run for your life | arm in hand in flood during the great syrian exodus
Coexistence VI | another day on the job (animals)
Confession on a windy day
cribbage: white box / building (no eats or gas to be had)
Double Dream of Spring with side order of Impunity (riding the spinning death cups) | W.C. Williams: To Elsie ("The pure products of America") |  Negative imagination
end times near death experience for jesus
Fleeing madly back to wonderland
gaza massacre: a waste of shame | blake: the human abstract
Gaza 2018 | Darwish: Silence for Gaza / Ahmed Al-Za'tar / Under Siege | Genocide is a mitzvah | Beckett: Apodosis (there they are again, we'll have to start killing them again)
Human Life | Uncle Jim goes for a nice ride to the Dead Sea with Black Cube
Inflammation (more than anyone else!) | head shot (The wind-down is a carve-out for everybody)
In own world | William Carlos Williams: Complete Destruction
I've got work to do | Weight (Keats, Winchester, 1819) | Kafka: The Next Village
Jorge Luis Borges: La otra muerte  (The other death) | Ralph Waldo Emerson: The Past
Joseph Ceravolo: eternity a shot from the gun of childhood (la beauté de la vérité sera à nous) | outer boroughs moronodon rampant
Joseph Ceravolo: Spiral | Wooden Boy: Summerfield Park | kickabout  
Khazar 1 | Pablo Neruda: Los nacimentos (Births)
knocking on the door of the time that was to come
My early days in aviation: Five Poems in the English Language, Error Number Six and other paper airplanes from Airplanes (1966)
Private Worlds of Love and Death: Jorge Luis Borges: La intrusa (The Intruder) | J.D. Salinger: The Catcher in the Rye
Revenge (Red) | Xymphora: Duress; Scheme, and anti-scheme; May | How to make White People Uncomfortable
Shah Marai: When people are no longer friendly toward someone with a camera (killing the angelic messenger) | War (2018)
somewhere | Joseph Ceravolo: "Looking at beetles and ants..."
somewhere #2: floating cloud | red carpet style limited kickabout (one of the most prominent brands) | Joseph Ceravolo: The Muscles of Animals
State Visit w/sidewalk sanity plea: all tiny hands on deck for the micro imperium of mini europa (The short and the long of it) | William Carlos Williams: By the road to the contagious hospital 
Submission guidelines
Tawfiq Ziad: Here We Will Stay / Passing Remark | Ain't One Big Bull
That Glow: In the Pink Church | William Carlos Williams: Lines (3 Poems) | Caution: Bees | Satisfaction Guilt (Hey old Feller)
The code of the west (Keep Blessing) | Joseph Ceravolo: The Car (And the crowd went wild)
the secret agent | Murder in Malaysia (anywhere might be somebody's theatre of operations)
Under Cassiopeia | The mystery of the missing international friendship tree | Realism (There's all of everything still)
Victory Day (Cleaning Day) | Forugh Farrokhzad: The Wind Will Take Us
William Carlos Williams: Porous: Six Poems, 1921-1941 | The disappearing jobs of yesterday | The Wreck of the American Star
Wings | William Carlos Williams: Incidents: Proletarian Portrait / The Raper from Passenack ("What are you going to do with an incident like that?")
Wooden Boy: A conversation | The Caretaker (tiptoeing thro the bio-waste on snowshoes) | ash plume over long iron (Danger Flying Golf Balls) 

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