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Saturday, 16 June 2018

night lights (monsoon comes to the rohingya) | JH Almeida: DEVELOPMENT



Wooden Boy said...

Eid prayers in Small Heath Park saw around 70,000 people attend.

The brightness of the rohingya girls' dresses were something to see, just too frail.

Randy Newman, Louisiana 1927

TC said...


Everything the Rohingya have shown us of their culture, beliefs, family structure and resilience as a people has been a great gift to us, though giving us this stirring image has alas done nothing to alleviate the sufferings which continue to come to them.

What can we do but witness.

A. looked at the pix and like me was put in mind of our years living in cheap low lying housing on an unpaved road in a flood prone district with mire and washout a familiar winter condition. But we were escapees not refugees. Small but large difference.

The Mississippi delta and the Bay of Bengal have much in common when it comes to periodic flooding, as also do politicians in all times and places, as Randy reminds.