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Tuesday, 1 December 2009

"the bits break loose..."


Two dandelion seeds (Taraxacum sect. Ruderalia): photo by Joergmoritz, 30 May 2006

the bits break loose
to scatter in the wind

of what once was
rising falling drifting

moments in the sun
disappearing into thin air

one by one

and it's never done

but it radiates around
and it radiates around

File:Kobe Maiko Park09n3200.jpg

Pinus thunbergii: photo by Joergmoritz, 30 May 2006


billymills said...

Beautiful; I wish I could write like this.

TC said...

Gracias, señor.

Elmo St. Rose said...

the pollen count is high

those who suffer from allergic
rhinitis and asthma might
become uncomfortable looking
at this photo

pollen does make the world go
around say the bees to the

the pollen sacks on honey bee
legs might be filled with this
yellow stuff

how sweet it is,
one on one

as per TC poem

~otto~ said...

and now this is radiating around and radiating around ...