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Sunday, 28 February 2010

Tom Raworth: Three from Here


Santa Maria del Tule by raworth.



a lot

of explaining


all the same nothing

is the same



make light

of matter

Our Driver by raworth.

Three Poems from Here: Tom Raworth, 1973

Santa Maria del Tule (22.11.09)
: photo by Tom Raworth, 2009
Our Driver (31.8.09): photo by Tom Raworth, 2009


Elmo St. Rose said...

we make matter light

nothing is the same

there is no explanation

~otto~ said...

Boom pow

TC said...

A Mexican dishwasher, a Chinese bus driver.

Workers of the world unite.

aditya said...

Hello Tom

Along careful edges of concentric ripples, of poetry you drown . Words are very clever. Digressing with drunken dripping levity. Knitting inconveniently.

Its an ocean unending. At times. Its a basin's edge.

Wonderful poems. Haven't been keeping well for the past fortnight. So could not read you.

In case you happened not to pass by, on a belated valentine's celebration I could not forget the grey you had once talked of.

I re read Mnemonic too. It moved me to an emotion unknown.

TC said...


I was much moved to be invited to your belated valentine's celebration, and (of course) honoured by the august company.

I do worry about you, just a bit. But I am certain all will come right for you, and before very much longer.

(Indeed too one might well do better to worry about oneself, just a bit.)