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Saturday, 6 March 2010

"The thin trunks..."


File:Forest nature reserve Grady nad Moszczenica7, Poland, 6 May 2006.JPG

The thin trunks light
green mildew
covering them
a skin just touched
by first rays winter
sun and slender
branches sway with
birds leaping
off to

File:Slettnes Nature Reserve 09.jpg

Forest nature reserve, Moszczenica River, Poland: photo by Kwz, 2006
Silene acaulis, Slettnes Nature Reserve, Finnmark, Norway: photo by Rünno, 2009


Sandra (if) said...

nice images.......the purple flowers so beautiful...!

TC said...

Thank you, Sandra -- yes, aren't those flowers lovely?

human being said...

that 'off' has got a lot of sense...

leigh tuplin said...

I like how this does exactly what it says at the end :)

TC said...

Thank you hb and leigh for getting this one, how fortunate that it should have such sensitive readers.

Robb said...

Ah, this is as beautiful as what it describes. New York is thawing. Blouses are in bloom. Welcome.

TC said...


There is nothing so lovely on a chilly wishing-it-were spring morning as being welcomed into a freshly blooming blouse. I shall remember this moment of the Great Thaw forever.