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Saturday, 29 May 2010

A Slice of Life As Bleeding Cheesecake

File:Cheesecake with strawberry and whipped  cream.jpg

We were all going to get a piece of the pie
Though now a microscope may be required.

File:Cheesecake with strawberry sauce.jpg

Eating is the repression of food, the body
And blood of the host organism survives
The triumph of the individual is never anything
But the triumph of the will
To subjugate other existents to one's body.

File:Extoll Cheesecake.jpg

(Anyone for dessert?...)

File:Find the differences (painting by Peter  Klashorst).jpg

Cheesecake with strawberry and whipped cream: photo by Chroma Pixels 123, 2009
Cheesecake with strawberry sauce: photo by Tristan Ferne, 2008
Extoll cheesecake: photo by Joshua Rappenecker, 2006
Find the difference: Peter Klashorst, 2008


TC said...

On a related subject, sort of.

~otto~ said...

This poem made me very very hungry

Curtis Roberts said...

You're right. You can't argue with science. The poem will actually affect my future approach to eating. "Plating" is so weird, but I guess the person doing the "plating" approaches their job in the way they imagine poets, painters and architects do. In general, I wish they wouldn't, especially with dessert because desserts are often so beautiful and by that time in the meal, I really need a respite from "high concept" everything.

Anonymous said...

of angelwings
with the darkangel

TC said...

I really need a respite from the food chain, I think.

Said the cheesecake to the Doubter.

human being said...

to eat
to make one's own
to gain power

TC said...


English derivation: O.E. etan (class V strong verb; past tense æt, pp. eten), from P.Gmc. *etanan (cf. O.N. eta, Goth. itan, Ger. essen), from PIE base *ed- "to eat ". Transferred sense of "slow, gradual corrosion or destruction", from 1550s.

Cf. Latin: *voro, vorare, voravi, voratus* -- to devour; to eat ; and English adjective "voracious"-- wanting or eating lots of food; extremely eager.

Dust to dust, cake to flake, pie to reason why...

human being said...

digging deeper, eh?

this is Tom... dear eagle... seeing much better than crow...

really liked it... thanks!