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Sunday, 19 September 2010




The dispassionate
banana lay
on the metal
hospital tray
table; old,
with many
black spots.

Bananas, Indonesia: photo by Hariadhi, 2010


John B-R said...

I love this poem.

~otto~ said...

Okay, I laughed ... I was supposed to, right? Or maybe I am too prepixt for my or anyone else's good.

TC said...

Thank you John and Otto.

Otto, I believe this poem benefits from being approached in a state of prepixtaposition.

I love it that you laughed. I laughed too. It may have been the first laugh I've had in this century... or perhaps merely since the day at your blog when no one was wearing pants.

Of course the poem is in terribly bad taste, because the person I admire most on this planet has just last week undergone horrendous surgery.

Subjectivity is not the answer at such moments... so I went for the overripe thumbsize Indonesian bananas.

Sandra.if said...

like this!!