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Saturday, 21 April 2012

Tom Clark: Distance at BlazeVOX


Wheat farm, Walla Walla, Washington
: photo by Russell Lee, July 1941

“One of the reasons why language is so sick right now and cliché-ridden and lame and boring and laid-out, and about to go to sleep, is because there aren't a thousand Tom Clarks. If I were writing a prescription right now, you know, if I had my shiny thing here, a stethoscope around my neck, that's the prescription I'd write. Take one thousand Tom Clarks before going to bed.”
—Edward Dorn, in Ed Dorn Live: Lectures, Interviews, and Outtakes, 2007

“You have kept your own mind and done your perceptive and singular work every day — on your own resources and with your own intent. For those who can care, you are a benchmark for what such industry and capability can realize. Your practical hand has been there for me, I know all the way...”
—Robert Creeley to Tom Clark, July 26, 2002

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TC said...

Also available:

Tom Clark Collection at BlazeVOX



Congratulations! -- all that color on the cover going on and on. . .


light coming into sky above still black
ridge, black shape of black pine branch
in foreground, sound of wave in channel

one side of the color stops
here, is hesitant and

that which is goes on a way,
becomes one, and that

grey white fog against invisible ridge,
line of pelicans flapping toward point

Conrad DiDiodato said...

Hear hear!

Man, those are some endorsements (Dorn and Creeley)

Hazen said...

Okay, so I go to BlazeVox and write myself an Rx for some pharmaceutical grade TC. I feel better already. And I hope the mending of yourself goes well, Tom.

TC said...

Many thanks, friends.

that which is goes on a way...

vazambam (Vassilis Zambaras) said...

I'd prefer a house call from the doc himself but seeing I'm a bit far away, I'll have to settle for an Rx
sent through the mails!

Ed Baker said...

into my second read of tho..
lots of terrific moves...

certainly 'beyond the pale'

neat to see such a large format

easy on these old eyes
then POWOW !

into (my) mind where 'et als' and 'et ceteras'
re:connect (me) to the 10,000 things.

George Mattingly said...

Sometimes "over the top" is exactly the right spot. As here with Dorn & Creeley's comments. I couldn't agree more.

Also highly recommended are CANYONESQUE and AT THE FAIR. Beautiful work which always rings true "like it was written in my soul."

This is work from which it is not hard to get the news.

tpw said...

Tom--congratulations on the new book. It just arrived yesterday & looks beautiful. I'm looking forward to digging into it.

Nora said...

I got my copy on Friday, then sadly left it at work. Looking forward to digging in once I retrieve it.

TC said...

Having been dug and rooted about in at great tortuous surgical length of late, I am now in a pleasant reversal of fortune digging everyone digging in and/or waiting to dig in, in this other completely different way. Good things come to those who stand and wait to dig in, was what, I think, they said, when I was in the Army. But wait -- was I ever really in the Army??

Dale said...

Tom, congratulations on the new book. I'll order a copy today. And I'm glad you're back to blogging again. Though "blog" doesn't do what you do here justice.

TC said...

Thanks so much, mi amigo.

(I don't know what the word would be, either, probably it doesn't exist.)