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Friday, 9 November 2012

Smack Bytes


Doodle from Breakfast Comix 16: Breakfast with Due Cochon: Tom Raworth, n.d.

you play
in a
the total
is changed.

Reclining Nude (Liegender Akt): Gerhard Richter, 1967, oil on canvas, 178 cm x 178 cm (Gerhard Richter Art)

of philosophy
are the
of one
or another
of plain
and of
that the
has got
up against

File:Fried egg, sunny side up.jpg

Fried egg, sunny side up: photo by David Benbennick, 2007

the great
of the
on Malthus’
there is
to sustain
and me.

Nude (Coloured) / Akt (bunt): Gerhard Richter, 1967, oil on canvas, 105 cm x 95 cm Marieluise Hessel collection, Hessel Museum of Art, Annandale-on-Hudson / Gerhard Richter Art)

The only
who will
will be
who have
of God
on their

Doodle from Breakfast Comix 16: Breakfast with Due Cochon: Tom Raworth

TC: from Smack, 1972




Smack both present (here) and prescient, ABAB of TR's Breakfast, GR's Nude, DB's Fried Egg, GR's Nude -- Good Morning!


light coming into sky above still black
ridge, white curve of moon above branch
in foreground, wave sounding in channel

present is what is and what
goes toward, possible

portrait done by hand, here,
painted without frame

grey white clouds reflected in channel,
shadowed green pine on tip of sandspit

Hazen said...

Great timing. Friday’s got Soul. Serve me up a plate of that Rapture Ready™ sausage and eggs, please, the breakfast of champignons. "Money won't change you
, but time (uh-huh) will take you on."

Nin Andrews said...

Such fun.

Never enough. Yes, that is the one we all believe. And what if we thought, where is the pitchfork?
Let's get rid of all this stuff!

TC said...


You will have no competition, ever, from anybody. This must derive back to Nonpareil Road.


Thank you for recognising my hard-won (rising from the dead, as it were, here in extra innings) symmetries. Almost fearful, they are. The fried egg seemed like a kind of... what do they call those? Capstone?

present is what is and what
goes toward, possible

Yes, quite. And ay, there's the rub.

A bit of thunder and lightning here today, to enhance our sense of the imminent giving of thanks by reminding us that Climate Change is the poison surprise inside the big civilisational crackerjack box.


Well, I suppose we are revealing our age here, nakedly as it were. But at our age, nobody cares if we are naked anyway.

(It's been pointed out to me that well-paid medical personnel are unable to look at the "graphic" photos of my naked post-accident/post-surgery head. After all, they're not paid for that... remind me again what they are paid for?)

I do envy you that little ™ keyboard widget. I want one of those for Christmas. Or wait, wasn't Christmas last week?

Now that banking, like most dishonest activities, is done largely by machines, perhaps the idea of JB performing this song in a bank will seem outlandish. But now as we are driven over the edge of the fearfully symmetrical "fiscal cliff" by those good ol' never-say-die Republican "leaders", what mythic heroes are left to us?

James Brown: Money Won't Change You (1966)

Susan Kay Anderson said...

Thanks, Tom. I will take that as a...compliment...! At least nobody is scared to look at my head except for students who fear I have could have eyes in the back, there, somewhere under my teacherly barrette that is "gay" and "retarded."

Hazen said...

Tom, If you use Mac OS, it’s under System Preferences/Hardware/Keyboard. Select Keyboard at top of window, then check the box that says Show Keyboard & Character Viewer in Menu Bar. The icon should show up next to the sound/speaker icon in the menu bar. It has an asterisk in it. Click on that and then select Show Keyboard Viewer. When the virtual keyboard drops down, press the option key (alt key) on your real keyboard to bring up all the symbols. Then click on that symbol you want to type it into the text.

If you don’t use Mac, I’m no help.

I’ll swap you this info for how to do italics in a comment to your post.

No need to post this, of course.

TC said...


Well, all I can say is, better a gay barrette than a solid wall of caked escar. (An EDS house specialty.)


Yes, you've read my mind, that's exactly what I asked myself when I heard in the chill dark before dawn the sound bytes of Boehner and McConnell vowing not to give up until they have finished the great work of burying this once proud nation in confusion, vindictiveness, mine tailings and good ol' country cowflop.

Is here such an instrument as an electrified pitchfork?

Let's ask Hazen!


Many thanks. I'll have to confess however that if the rightful owner of this Mac were to catch me attempting to perform any of the simple, basic operations which you have so kindly and clearly explained, I'd undoubtedly manage to screw something up, leaving a clear trail of evidence (attempting to fib one's way out of such screwups always compounds the offense, naturally), and my thumbs would then soon be in the wastebasket, alongside those of Struwelpeter.

The italics in comments thing is evidently simple enough, I see it done all the time, and am sure the operation is clearly spelled out somewhere and considered a fundamental part of the skill set of everyone under a certain age -- but... see above.

However I DO know how to copy & paste (duh), so I will henceforth count on you, brave comrade, to break the novelty tech widget ground, and I will follow along, stealing your tricks, old dog/new dog style... dawg.

Dalriada said...

For italics type ...


TC said...


Thanks. Let us hope Hazen can work with that clue.


Sorry about that. Didn't mean to be mysterious. This is an improper (inappropriate I guess is the current word: see also, uncomfortable-making) subject for public broadcast. I should never have alluded to it. "Medical personnel" always pretend they are familiar with it. They never are. However, alas, I am, and indeed -- what's the word -- intimately. It is always with me now. I shall never again speak of it. (Too embarrassing.)

Hazen said...

I’m fascinated by that Great Barcode Scanner In The Sky. I got my escape clause tattooed on my forehead. Beam me up, cap’n.

All italics disappear once I paste a comment in the box here. So does underling by the way, though a less artful way to add emphasis. Might Dalriada further enlighten me?

vazambam (Vassilis Zambaras) said...

1972? Wasn’t that the year some upstart got his face smacked by some tricky wiener called Dick?

Wooden Boy said...

The Richter images fit perfectly with Raworth's stuff. True wit. A proper English breakfast.

I love the Wittgenstein quote. Let nobody say Ludwig was without a sense of humour.

TC said...


Thanks for picking up on that. I had wondered if anyone might get that these pieces are bits from the great language stream.

One out of four, a fair percentage. Not that this was meant to be a contest -- but still.

TC said...

Sorry there's been a bit of bewilderment with the blitz of assistance regarding Hazen's formatting query, sorting through it all I now find this link, sent on by Dalriada, ought to do the trick.