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Saturday, 26 September 2009

Sadly X (A Text)


Texting on a keyboard phone: photo by Alton, 19 December 2007

Sadly X
in death was spoken
of not so much
for the work which
stood apart from
the inconsistencies
of character, as
for the latter. A

text is variously
a life, but the purpose
of an individual
is single.
To be difficult
is to be difficult.
There are no two
ways about it.


Anonymous said...

And yet, sometimes we cannot find the words to say what we feel or think...

aditya said...

You possess this poetic pulse, the adjective for which is beyond me at the moment.

Very well written TC ... I enjoyed reading this one too ... :)

TC said...

Thank you sweet people.

This knotty little device represents the intermittent labour of a little over 25 years; it started out as a poem about the extremely individualistic and also in some respects rather "difficult" (but not so very difficult to understand) French writer Louis-Ferdinand Céline, and then over the years morphed into some other connotation zones (for me anyway, but maybe all this is merely private and opaque); whence in turn, when then latterly becoming the germ of an idea for a blog post, it segued into something else again--as, baffled by the SMS (silly modern society) text-message explosion, I started my recursive thought-machines going and they beavered their insistent ways into the catacombs of the image files of the New Universe...

It's funny how poems will never quite hold still, their "messages" keep mutating with history, maybe someday in some other world this one will finally settle down and actually mean something(s).

No, let me take that back, it means something(s) already, I'm just not yet sure exactly what.

But one thing I do know is that for me the trick of and key to the poem lies in the last linebreak, in fact the story told by the last two couplets may indeed be the whole story. (So why must I insist on overcomplicating things so?!)

Mariana Soffer said...

LUCY: That is so true, it is beautiful what you told there.

Beautiful post TC:
There are difficult because people want them to be. People are beyond my understanding, I gave up explaining the reasons why they behave like it.