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Thursday, 5 November 2009

Fractured Karma


File:Mekong dawn.jpg

Early morning light archery off a far boom shore

Thrust bellies to air fool moon’s plum shades awaken

Beneath them voice and ghost curve away to ocean deeps

In the hollow bowl of the drum of the body

Moon pictures propped on the morning gestalt

A plum gray flood of light de Kooning would have killed for

Its full Rig Veda morning alarm glow rising

Like water bubbles into a drowner’s mouth


Dawn over Mekong (Chiang Khong, Thailand): photo by Ondrej Zvácek, 2007

Antibubbles: photo by Julien Costard, 2008


leigh tuplin said...

Such strong images !

'Like water bubbles into a drowner's mouth', so good!

TC said...


As it happens I saw a fellow come very close to drowning not too long ago, and as he was being pulled out of the water, unconscious, bubbles could be seen coming out of his mouth -- at that moment I had one of those rare sensations of having unwittingly put words not on something that had already occurred but on something that had not occurred but was going to... I'm not sure I am describing this very well, but the subjective sense of the dangerous conjuring was eerie, uncanny, and not so nice.

aditya said...

Such a strong structure and such intricate words are a rarity on the web these days. Atleast for me.
Every single line was brillianty penned, and weaved.


TC said...


Thank you my fellow weaver.