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Thursday, 19 November 2009

Lough Gur (for Billy Mills)


File:LoughGur 2002.jpg

Blick über Lough Gur
The next best thing
to being there

A view a look a sight a vista
I can feel the wind in someone
else's hair

File:Lough gur.jpg

Blick über Lough Gur
: photo by Christian1965, 2002
Lough Gur, Ireland
: photo by Jon Sullivan, 2000


~otto~ said...

Oh, the twist at the end just does me in.

TC said...

Thanks Otto.

BTW, Lough Gur is pronounced "Loch Gair."

Gives the rhyme a wee boost.

(A rhyme of any kind at any time can use all the help she can get.)

billymills said...

Such a gift, Tom. No words can do it justice.

aditya said...

A nice read Tom. Especially the end.

Some way back, I tried writing Haikus, without knowing the actual technicalities associated with it. I realized later, poetry should never be determined by the flow or rhythm or rhymes.

You just feel it, and write.

TC said...

Bill, few words often best, but of course the perennial problem is, which ones?

Aditya, Well, here it was indeed all about the feeling, virtually speaking -- someone else's wind, someone else's hair.

"No wind is the king's wind" -- E. Pound, Canto IV.

(An ancient Chinese poet speaking through Ezra Pound.)

"Let the wind speak/that is paradise" -- E. Pound, Canto CXX

Poets channeling the wind, down through the centuries. Nobody owns the wind... or the words, saying themselves through us.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I am thinking when I read such. When I read anothers words. I can feel the emotion that they must of felt when writing such.
Like the wind in someone else's hair. Where did that come from? That is a beauty. A sticking to ones brain beauty.I think I may just be in love with that line.

Zephirine said...

Lovely, Tom, a lovely gift.

TC said...

Thank you Zeph and SarahA,

To feel what someone else is feeling or has felt or might have felt or might be feeling not only feels like the next best thing to being there but at times, dare one say it, also perhaps feels at least as good as being here. (Still working on that latter area of challenge... a slow learner.)

There are definitely times when virtual reality feels a bit hollow but then again there are times when one is grateful for any feeling of reality at all, here, there or any/everywhere.