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Sunday, 6 June 2010



Beyond the dead
in the urban
morning en
what is done
in the dark
the night clocks out
dew on the grass
one thought
singing to itself
of a great

File:Dew drops LC0107.jpg

Dawn Moon, 31.05.10: photo by Tom Raworth, 2010
Dew drops on a spider web: photo by Jörg Hempel, 2007


lluvia said...

so beautiful words....this is mesmerizing!!

TC said...

Muchissimas gracias, lluvia.

(I have been waiting for a long time to hear the voice of the rain...)

human being said...

what a beautiful lense you've created here... when we look through it, we see night raining on morning... refreshing the grass of our thoughts with dewdrops of an eternal song...

Anonymous said...

I hear it often Tom....gracias!

Curtis Roberts said...

Having spent the last hour quizzing my daughter in advance of her Spanish final tomorrow makes this irresistible: Gracias.

TC said...

Night rains on the parade of morning... or is it the other way round?

(Ah yes, it's supposed to be the other way round.)

manik sharma said...

a beautiful transition in words....lovely the ending
of a great undoneness.....speaks volumes and dimensions i feel.....

human being said...

it's always night that rains on morning... no, Tom?

and for me when something rains on something else, it gives it a soulful luster... more color... more vigor...

i don't believe in the English expression, to rain on s.o.'s parade meaning to spoil it...


(crow's are a bit selfish... they decide for the language!!! not the langugae for them...)


TC said...

Dawn is breaking on my slow parade of two persons and three cats.

Good morning, manik and hb.

human being said...

morning Tom
morning the other beautiful soul
morning cats

a slow parade covers more distance...


TC said...

S l o w e r a n d s l o w e r ...

w h e r e ' s t h e f i n i s h l i n e ??

manik sharma said...

right where we start..


~otto~ said...

Aaaaaaaaaaaaa, you just killed me with that ending, Tom! You always do that. "Great undoneness" is still bouncing around my gray matter and the echo is way loud. And "one thought singing to itself" was such a great setup. The whole thing, a pleasure.

TC said...

Upon receiving such kind comments I am bouncing on my saggy trampoline of 3 a.m. joy.

human being said...

morning is the finish line for night

- Dawn is breaking on my slow parade of two persons and three cats.

- a slow parade covers more distance...

- S l o w e r a n d s l o w e r ...
w h e r e ' s t h e f i n i s h l i n e ??

- right where we start..

(undoing all we have done)


TC said...

If the morning's undoneness is standing before an open field, the night's undoing of the done must be standing before a closed door.

human being said...


and the distance between these two
is a hand pushing the door

TC said...

Thank you, hb.

I would always recognize your hand in anything.