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Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Keats: Coda: Echo and Variation | Jimmy on the morning of that day | smoke and mirrors

#03 | by Sohail Bin Mohammad

#02 [Dhaka]: photo by Sohail Bin Mohamad, 3 April 2018

Cotswolds 2017 | by Kristian Leven

Cotswolds 2017: photo by Kristian Leven, 3 January 2018

Soccer | by Monty May (OBSERVE)
A moment | by Aboutsweden

Rock on | by Aboutsweden

Rock on [Los Angeles]: photo by Aboutsweden, 10 May 2014

Untitled | by Sleepy in Bangkok (SIB)

Bangkok, August, March 2016: photo by Sleepy in Bangkok, 7 September 2017

( . . . ) | by Michal Drzewicz

( . . . ) [Gdansk, Poland]: photo by Michael Drzewicz, 16 July 2017

( . . . ) | by Michal Drzewicz

( . . . ) [Gdansk, Poland]: photo by Michael Drzewicz, 16 July 2017
( . . . ) | by Michal Drzewicz


TC said...

James Dean - 'This is the End'

TC said...

Liverpool Man City 3 - 0 Champions League 04/0418

Wild, furious, almost feral: from the Kop this felt like a collective triumph: Sachin Nakrani @Anfield, 5 April 2018

Hilton said...

Powerful photos of James Dean.

Almost no coverage of the confrontation at the Gaza US media. Palestinians have nothing to lose. In a couple of years Gaza will be uninhabitable with no water or electricity. A slow motion crime.

Wooden Boy said...

Your Keats poem is beautiful, Tom. I've carried it with me in my head today.

Those Palestinian mirrors are a smart piece of work.

TC said...

Thank you very much Hilton and Duncan.

No, there's not likely to be coverage unless / until massive bloodletting which of course still may ensue. Five weeks still to go... As I understand it, the mirrors proved pretty ineffectual in the actual fray, as a defensive tactic against a military from another dimension. As symbolic tactic however, top drawer.