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Friday, 6 April 2018

Wyo-Booming, 1979 | Hanging Chag (King Con)

2008_5563 | by Pierre Wayser

2008_5563 [Hanoi]: photo by Pierre Wayser, February 2008 


Tom Palmer said...

Those were the days, Tom. Bring back the grasses with the memories. You nailed it.

TC said...

Thanks, Tom.

Ah, so few of us left anymore, to remember the grasses.

TC said...

... But of course, you do have the grasses, where you are..

here we have the gases, the refinery corridor the no-emissions-standards bumper to bumper automotive bonanza

right here in our collapsing mudfill haunted front yard

yes we have no bananas

choking emissions though enough already

Dunno if those humanoids inside those monster SUVs might not be so strapped up and into protective devices they don't even ever have to breathe the air they are fouling as they speed from SFO to Walnut creek & vice versa

getting spending centres

(2 hick towns around here)

Believe it if you will, in the Nixon years the best hope of the grasses was the EPA, under Wm Ruckelshaus

(Excuse spelling, heavy blow day in Cave of the Winds, atmospheric riverwise...)

TC said...

You'll remember the mayfly lifespan of Rocky Mtn Magazine, Tom?

Rolling Stone does (gentrifies, gilds lily of) the High Plains

Translated Aspen Santa Fe and highend hipster Montana (this in period of Bruce Webber McGuane Brautigan et al)

Political correctness-almost and an attempt to elevate the lifestyle self consciousness of The New Money West

When I came back with the mother of this piece there was a skirmish over the saying of the phenomenon of boomer women spending all their time in the trailer surrounded by snow drifts while hubby out on drill rig

Editor lady flat refused the phrase "Michelin woman"

Kinda liked the ring of it myself, mythic like

Venus of Willendorf

designation of positives what's not to like

Of course that was another L for investigatory journalism

they'd already sent me 2 / 3 places maybe more I'm repressing

can't quite recall exactly, but 2 i do remember

1 Federal Train Test Center, Pueblo (well, 50 mi east, into nowhere.. got lost.. finally turned L for luck at Boone, where there is one landmark, the Nike missile in centre of NORAD era town that wasn't there anymore..)

2 They sent me also to Rocky Flats on an investigative piece on security around the plutonium handling buildings... rode bike out there in winter, gears ice crusted, parked by storm fence, climbed over, testing testing, easy peasy

then called up RF pub info director and shared

speaking of those were the days

Tom Palmer said...

Ah, the beast shadows of the gases. I well remember the fancy pants RMM. It was something. Just read much of Hjortsberg’s Brautigan bio. You’re all over that. And while we’re bringing back the grasses, the bearded ones for this country, let’s bring back Ruckelshaus.