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Saturday, 17 October 2009



The "I" and the eye
A glass for seeing
Always cloudy
The days go by
The world spins round
The subject is always moving
The mind can't keep up
It's all a blur
The eye and the "I"
A glass for seeing
Always cloudy

Every two hours I wipe off my glasses

File:2005-12-25 Magnifying drop.jpg

Colorful blur created by moving subject, moving camera and 1/13 second exposure: photo by Robert Lawton, 2006
Golden Gate Bridge refracted in rain drops acting as lenses: photo by Mila Zinkova, 2007
Magnifying and light collecting effect of a drop of oil on a glass plate held a short distance above a text: photo by Roger McLassus, 2005


Pinkerbell said...

Tom I'm often cleaning my glasses to discover it's my eyes that are actually blurry instead.

That picture of Golden Gate Bridge refracted is very impressive.

Sorry I've not commented here for a while, I've been following, but I've been going through one of those periods of not feeling like I've got anything useful to say.

I hope things are well with you.

TC said...


Lovely to hear from you, always my pleasure.

I've got this problem with left eye tear ducts. When it's cold I weep constantly. Luckily there's no one to see, or I would have to feel sad about looking like I'm feeling sad. In fact it's saddening even to discuss this.

Yes, the refracted image of the bridge in the rain drops, what a wondrous photo that is. Mila Zinkova is absolutely my #1 favourite photographer of natural phenomena. (Mila, if you are reading this, I love you!)

Pinkerbell said...

Ah my left eye weeps when it's very sunny, we must meet in the middle somewhere!

It looks such a perfect picture that I'd presumed it had been photoshopped in some way, but it's a real raindrop isn't it?

TC said...


I do believe so.

By my way of thinking this photographer MZ is a bit of a genius, something rare.

Whereas Photoshop is a computer program anybody can buy.

Anonymous said...

I loved the parallelism between the two /ai/s. It is indeed true that we tend to perceive the world through our eyes more than through any other sense. But it is when we pay attention to our other senses that we discover magical things indeed, like the smell of the earth when it starts raining, or the silence all around when it starts snowing or the smell of salt in the air when you are close to the sea.

This is a very nice poem, Tom.

TC said...

You're surely right Lucy, any time the "I" begins to be reduced to the eye, and the other senses are put on hold, we're probably missing all the best parts of the experience of being alive.