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Tuesday, 12 January 2010




The japonaiserie of bay and islands
In the long rush of January clouds and storms

About six o'clock I take out my memory book
The moment turned inside out opens

Life moves the blood again, the veins are warm
The moon bathes nude in the thin cloud foam

Making ordinary landscapes appear fractured
Under the blue ceiling of an empty street

All night a boat swings as if to sink into a word
The body of this thought must be a star

File:Reflection nebula IC 349 near Merope.jpg

Golden Gate National Recreational Area
: panoramic image by Debivort, 2006
Reflection nebula IC 349 near Merope in the Pleiades: Hubble Space Telescope image, 2006 (NASA)


TC said...

A click on the top image will reveal the full span.


Very nice, different day today -- no more blue, can't see the ridge, lots of wind in branches. . . .

TC said...

Heavy rain last night, some big weather coming at the weekend. We're more vulnerable than one might wish, so...

Are you about to abandon the channel and the ridge for Gotham City? Not too long a trip one hopes, for the sake of the sequence. Grand monomaniacal projects should never be abandoned, or suspended for too long, especially when they dwell in the region of Earth Works. This one of yours is attaining the scale of Robert Smithson and the drowned tombs of the Nile Valley.

So is this going to be one of those 14 hour marathons like the one at Davis? Good to stretch out. NYC needs/deserves that. (My favorite part of any performance is the temps morts.)