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Friday, 30 April 2010

Plum Blossom


File:Minabe-Bairin Minabe  Wakayama16bs2400.jpg

The message erupts each springtime
What we do know we don't know till we know it
Has slipped away through the airy spring branches
To drift up in thin grains through the gray-white sky
And here on the blue clay earth below it
Down a yellow Spanish East Bay hillside flow
The pink trees

File:Prunus mume Michishirube1.jpg

Prunus mume (plum blossom), "Nankoume", Minabe, Wakayama prefecture: photo by highland 663, 2009
Prunus mume (red plum blossom), "Michishirube", Osaka: photo by KENPEI, 2007


Curtis Roberts said...

Love this. It's going to be about 80 degrees here in Philadelphia today and the weekend is expected to be glorious. At last.

TC said...


We'll be enjoying it vicariously with you, we are about forty degrees short of that. The pink trees is more of a charm intended to make something happen than an observation of something happening, a kind of reverse cloud-seeding if you will. But I am informed it is a LITTLE warmer today (and no hail!), "at least not more RUIN!" Above the pink trees I have now put some blue trees, maybe another charm (though I've never been much of a charmer).

Curtis Roberts said...

Reverse cloud-seeding might work. It sounds like a great idea. Charms work also, but just as when you’re on the road and making good time it’s bad luck to discuss it, charms need to be summoned up, put to use, and then forgotten about. Yesterday’s Wall Street Journal had a fascinating article about charms involving, among other things, golf:

Hail is just the weirdest thing in the world. We haven't had any lately, but I'll stand by that remark.

~otto~ said...

This really has set my day on a wonderful course. The park will happen. The sun. I will think words and of this.

TC said...


Wonderful thought...

Though, Curtis, I fear I am the sort who would get to the park with a smile on my face only to have the lucky balls and gremlin bells come spilling out of my pockets in the path of roller skaters, creating liability issues.

Anonymous said...

And down south, the poplars are dressing up in gold.

Happy spring, my friend!

TC said...

Oh yes, dear Lucy, I have been enriched by those golden trees, at Locos por naufragar!