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Sunday, 2 May 2010

Whitman: Animals


Bestand:Singapore Zoo Tigers.jpg

White Bengal Tigers (Panthera tigris), Singapore Zoological Gardens: photo by Nachoman-au, 2005

I think I could turn and live with animals, they are so placid and self-contain'd,
I stand and look at them long and long.

Bestand:Two-toed sloth Costa Rica -  cropped.jpg

Hoffman's two-toed sloth (Choloepus hoffmanni), Manuel Antonio National Park, Costa Rica
: photo by Leyo, 2005

They do not sweat and whine about their condition,


Caracal or desert lynx (Caracal caracal): photo by Van 3000, 2006

They do not lie awake in the dark and weep for their sins,

File:Mandrillus sphinx portrait.jpg

Mandril (Mandrillus sphinx), Pittsburgh Zoo
: photo by matt sabbath, 2008

They do not make me sick discussing their duty to God,

File:Portrait of a Douc.jpg

Red-shanked douc (Pygathrix nemaeus), Singapore Zoo
: photo by Bjørn Christian Tørresen, 2008

Not one is dissatisfied, not one is demented with the mania of owning things,

File:Red-shanked Douc at the Philadelphia  Zoo.jpg

Red-shanked douc (Pygathrix nemaeus), Philadelphia Zoo: photo by Art G., 2007

Not one kneels to another, nor to his kind that lived thousands of years ago,

File:Lemur catta 003.jpg

Ring-tailed Lemurs (Lemur catta), travelling in a small group, Berenty Private Reserve, Madagascar: photo by Alex Dunkel, 2003

Not one is respectable or unhappy over the whole earth.


Borneo Orangutan (Pongo pygmaeus), female: photo by Julielangford, 2009

Walt Whitman: from A Song of Myself, in Leaves of Grass, 1855


TC said...

(One might turn and click and look on those White Tigers, long and long.)



Thanks (again), Johnny (age 5) and I just now looked at these w/ great pleasure (we always look at your photos). . . .

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Tom, for sharing this very wise view. Whitman could not be more right. Have you ever had a look at this?

Curtis Roberts said...

This is perfect. I hope creating this gave you as much pleasure as reading and viewing it gave us. One of our feral cats, Princess Daisy, who has been with us for years as a “downstairs/basement cat” (she hangs out there with a few others, who are shy and possibly still a little fearful) is now an upstairs cat, mostly observing the world and tracking the perimeters from a high window perch. Other times, she simply does what she's decided she prefers and keeps to her individual schedule. It’s a joy to behold and our house is always filled with silent motion.

TC said...

Good morning Stephen, Johnny, Lucy, Princess Daisy and Curtis.

Ah Lucy, it's so sad about those strange monkeys who feel so alone, and then cause so much trouble, and then... make more monkeys.

So here we are, maybe being watched by older eyes.

And maybe not.