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Monday, 2 August 2010



No memory of what's beyond the door
the spirit shaking in the fallen wall
No way out of the grinding ric-rac of the refrigerator noise
nothing left but a bluish light inside
for the ignorant man old
and the pensive indifferent man
not the young interested man in gold
light of day and the moon rising
over all the spring and autumn trees

Autumn Trees: Egon Schiele, 1911 (private collection)


Sandra.if said...

I like this...

TC said...

Thank you, Sandra.

Old refrigerators are insomnia machines.

John B-R said...

There's something uncannily beautiful about "the spirit shaking in the fallen wall" ...

Curtis Roberts said...

I will treasure this and share it and the Schiele with everyone I meet and like. Insomnia machines.....well, yes. And not just old refrigerators. It's a versatile appliance.

TC said...

The wall shakes because the refrigerator, an ancient Mexican model which, though back in the day when I was a bit (?) more manually capable, I coaxed it onto some not very technically sophisticated cardboard pads in order to reduce the reverberation, reverberates anyway, more and more with each passing year. As everything else in this collapsing manse also shakes, rattle and wobbles, it's all pretty much of a piece, though not quite all in one piece.

And too, as we sit directly upon a lateral branch of the Hayward Fault, the wall also shakes for other, deeper, more ominous reasons. And has so shaken, so many times, along with everything else, that cracks and chasms now run through not only that wall but all the other walls, ceilings, sidewalks, and foundation.

Bowie Hagan said...


'the wall held up by the ivy', as I remember it, in WCW's line- new made in the understanding.


TC said...


Wonderful to hear from you.

As the wall is held up by the ivy, we are held up, over the length of time, by our curious touching entanglements of tender relations with each other,

love from here,