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Wednesday, 1 September 2010




Isla Roca Partida, Revillagigedo Islands, Mexico: photo by Trimmerman, 2002

File:Guano advertisement 1884.jpg

Allison & Addison advertisement for guano, 1884: image by Deedeebee, 2010

File:Farallón Centinela.png

Guano-coated Farallón Centinela Island off the coast of Venezuela: National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, 2000


aditya said...

O fertility ! You are not
popular in China. Though
they fuck too!

TC said...

But do they scrape the bird droppings off sea rocks to extract phosphorus and nitrogen for agricultural use, thus participating in clean natural recycling, that is the question (as Hamlet, Prince of Danes, once might have said)?

Anonymous said...

The photographs and the advertisement are so interesting and .......unexpected. Still, it's impossible to view any guano-related subject matter without recalling Peter Sellers' immortal line (spoken to Keenyn Wynn) in Dr. Strangelove: "Now see here, Colonel Bat Guano, if that really is your name".

TC said...


Brilliant reminder...

Colonel "Bat" Guano inkles a mutiny of preverts.

aditya said...

Yes that is something the Chinese would never answer. They might come up with a protocol regarding the uselessness of bird droppings on sea rocks, though.

I am going to watch the bloody movie. When? I donot know ..

Strangely, there have been instances when I just stand empty and the end of it there's a bird taking a shit. Its like waiting for 15 minutes, just to watch a bird take a shit at the end of it all.

Too silly to be termed strange?
But, so is the question-
Where do you live in California?