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Friday 1 October 2010

Sanctuary (Along Skyline Drive)


View along US 40 in Mount Vernon Canyon, Colorado
: photo by Andreas Feininger, December 1942

Start out high above the world

Road Cut into the Barren Hills (1)

Road cut into the barren hills which lead into Emmett, Idaho: photo by Russell Lee, July 1941

Things appear in some depth


Mountain farms along the Skyline Drive, Virginia
: photo by Jack Delano, c. 1940

and with a bit of distance


Mountain farm along the Skyline Drive in Virginia
: photo by Jack Delano, c. 1940

then return to earth


Fields along the Skyline Drive, Virginia
: photo by Jack Delano, c. 1940

Photos from Farm Security Administration/Office of War Information Collection, Library of Congress


Anonymous said...

When I finished looking at and reading this series, the thought I had was "sanctuary" and then I read the title. That was great. I took the Skyline Drive trip with my family when I was about 17. It was splendid, as are all of these photographs.

TC said...


What a beauteous slice of earth that is... I tried to keep my mind off the political thicket surrounding the construction of that park, a New Deal project which happened to involve the forcible "removal" of a great many mountain folk who would likely have preferred the determination of their own fate. Of course a few of the most stubborn (and elderly) hill folk were quietly allowed to stay on, rent free, until their deaths; which in some cases (stubborn to the end) was quite a while.

So that's when Delano was sent out on the drive, just after the official opening of the park.

There seems something so securing in these images, spaces out of another time (or perhaps dimension).

In noir films cars were always crashing through these railings at night and tumbling down the cliffs. But Kodachrome does wonders for the mood.

And is that not a lovely green 1940 Buick convertible Andreas Feininger possessed?

gamefaced said...

i live about a half hour from the entry to skyline in front royal virginia. i try to go this time of year, every year. normally more crowded - everyone wants to see the valley as the leaves die.

some (crappy) pics from three (?) years ago..

gamefaced said...

TC said...


Many thank-yous for those. I thought they were a lot better than half bad. Especially liked this one.

(I'm a sucker for pink trees.)

gamefaced said...

give it two weeks and they'll all be in varying shades of pink. orange. big bird color.

i took my son with me that year and he was not impressed. i had to click fast ; )

Anonymous said...

The Buick convertible is really, really nice.