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Friday, 31 December 2010

Yesterday's Gone


Image, Source: digital file from intermediary roll film

Lonely soldier and recruiting poster on New Year's Eve, Detroit, Michigan: photo by Arthur S. Siegel, December 1941

and it's good to see the back of it

Image, Source: digital file from intermediary roll film

Celebrators standing at a bar on New Year's Eve, Detroit, Michigan: photo by Arthur S. Siegel, January 1942

Photos from Farm Security Administration/ Office of War Information Collection, Library of Congress


Julia said...

I love the contrast. Great choice, Tom.

Anonymous said...

Yes, yes. (And I love these Siegel photos).

TC said...

Well, there are all kinds and sizes of celebrations, I guess.

Personally I prefer the quiet kind, as in, check the remaining body parts, celebrate the ones that aren't broken (and don't mourn excessively for the ones that have gone missing).

Then again, here's how they rang in the new year in Hong Kong.

Julia said...

Amazing fireworks, a bit overwhelming...
For me is usually hard to FEEL the emotion of these temporal landmarks and festivities.
¿Por qué tenemos que sentirnos diferentes de un minuto a otro si nada cambió?
Perhaps all the noise and magnificent fireworks help us to feel what we "should"...

TC said...

Yes, I always stand off from the show a bit too much to really get the recommended thrills. However I will admit the HK show built to a certain over-the-top climax that left one gasping. (Maybe it's the rib problem, with the breathing).

One of my earliest "memories" -- I was more or less forced to "remember" it, since great fun was made of it in the family -- was my profound terror during my first attendance at a Fourth of July fireworks show in the football stadium of the high school in the town where I was attempting to grow up.

The spectacle was so overwhelming that I crawled upon my grandfather's lap, shut my eyes, and refused to look.

As to feeling "different" from the last minute of one year to the first minute of the next, the older one gets, the more ridiculous that seems.

Julia said...

My elder daughter (she's 11 since last Monday) even today hates fireworks. She tries to be brave... but I must say she doesn't seems to have much success with this.

Happy new year! (let's be like normal people and believe it makes a difference :-)

Ed Baker said...

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