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Friday, 18 February 2011

Full Moon through Clouds (February)


Moon through clouds
: photo by baldywilson, 2009

the brief deep blue middle
of the night window
between the third
and fourth in a series
of cold Pacific storms
through an opening
in the flotilla of big
low rain saturated
city light pink underside
tinted clouds
a brilliant full moon

New York with Moon, Georgia O'Keeffe

New York with Moon: Georgia O'Keeffe, 1925 (Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza, Madrid)


Anonymous said...

I feel I'm looking up through the words of the poem to the moon in the sky:

"through an opening
in the flotilla of big
low rain saturated"

-- a heady feeling.

I had never seen that O'Keefe, which makes me feel good about New York, which I like.

The best part about Tuxedo, NY (especially winters) are the full moons and the moon shadows, which make you forget about everything except things like the sensations you write about here.

TC said...


I love the idea of full moons and moon shadows in Tuxedo.

The stuff of cinematic dreams!

manik sharma said...

i think i duplicated curtis' experience reading this poem....the moon here in the cities of our country is seldom seen let alone brilliantly...a recent trip to my native place(the stuff of crop fields,water pumping wells,ponderously roaming cattle,and the ones bred for family needs etc...)i found the brilliance again...and with it ,thanks to western disturbances, this ..i felt closer to moon...but life has to be earned...and so i sit under moonless skies....



Yes, that moon last night suddenly appearing through opening in clouds, then disappearing behind clouds all lit up by it, then coming out again, looking down on us who kept going outside to see it again, and again. . . . and still up there this morning before it got light, going down behind the cypress tree. . . .


grey blackness of sky above black plane
of ridge, whiteness of moon by branches
in foreground, wave sounding in channel

placement of second element
follows this, on side

to which this system, shape
such that, by distant

grey-white of sky reflected in channel,
shadowed green pine on tip of sandspit

TC said...

It's a pity to have to live in a moonless city to make a living, probably more of a pity to live in the moonful countryside and not make a living, what is one to do.

Live in a moon-sometimes city and not make a living.

That last night's/this morning's sometimes-moon was somewhat out of the ordinary is confirmed by Stephen, who is fortunate not to be living in a city at all.

Also by A., who encountered it some hours after I did, and remarked on its being huge, and orange.

"It's got to have something to do with the storms," opineth she.

(Which takes us back to where this moony wisp of a poem started...)

Ed Baker said...

beauties (as usual) you give us today

I've written a few (maybe 12,322) "full moon" 'shorties'

your moon/clouds one re-minds me of my:

full moon
behind a cloud
will I see you again





TC said...


How could I have done a post like this one without thinking of you?

Ed Baker said...



nice to "see" that two people who yet know "stuff" is thinking



Issa's Untidy Hut said...

Beautiful segue between poem and image, Tom.

Really lovely.


TC said...

Many thanks, Don.

We get so few moments of truly astonished attention, it seems worth trying to "catch" them once in a while... though of course the gaps in the net (word capture) so often turn out to be larger than those slippery moments (speaking, as we were just now, of love in vain!).