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Saturday, 23 July 2011

Scavenged Materials: The Novelist


Office of the Norwegian Prime Minister with windows blown out shortly after the Oslo explosion of 23 July, 2011: photo by Johannes Grødem

A female character not a plausibly real woman spilling out in a female character saying "What's wrong with you, this crippling, these blistering resemblances not to worry too much about some things it's probably still a flaw, inexplicable sometimes obtrusive midwestern childhood the old material investigating the shame and fear: the shame of self-exposure, the fear of ridicule or condemnation, the fear of causing pain or harm self-analysis interlude between those two materialistic master languages a shining example of how not to approach this radioactive material -- a reminder of the pressing need to find a structure and a tone and a point of view that would ironize it enough to make it old no personality, just these various intersecting fields: that personality is socially constructed, genetically constructed, linguistically constructed, constructed by some semiconscious maskless self, underlying extremity static lives being disrupted self-deception is funny, to aggressively inflict painful knowledge in joining the characters in their dream, and experiencing it with them, scavenged materials buried in a drawer or stored in some remote, inaccessible location to the structure, too, a clear and present danger the impulse to defend but the foes change with death happening to wild birds around the world on earth however many metaphor-free days --"

(gradual dawning prescience -- )

Smoke from the Las Conchas fire turns the setting sun red over the Jemez Mountains behind the town of Los Alamos, New Mexico, on 28 June 2011: photo by Jim Thompson/Albuquerque Journal via Associated Press

Toyota Motor Corporation partner robots play instruments at the company's showroom in Tokyo on 4 May 2008: photo by Reuters/Toru Hanai

Immediately after the explosion, Oslo, 23 July 2011, around 15:27. Smoke from the office of the Prime Minister: photo by Johannes Grødem

A mock intruder, tangled in a net that was launched by the remote-controlled security robot T-34, lies on the floor while posing beside the robot in Tokyo, 21 January 2009. T-34 users can see live images from the robot's camera and control the robot using a mobile phone. The robot, which has sensors that react to body heat and sound, can launch a net against an intruder by remote-control during its surveillance: photo by Reuters/Kim Kyung-Hoon

The bridge that separates the town of Los Alamos, New Mexico from Los Alamos National Laboratory is shrouded in smoke from the Las Conchas wildfire on 28 June 2011: photo by Craig Fritz/Reuters

Emergency personnel responding to the explosion, Oslo, 23 July 2011: photo by Johannes Grødem

Alex Lopez plays baseball with his sister Sugey while smoke generated by the Las Conchas fire covers the sky in Espanola, New Mexico on 29 June 2011. As crews fight to keep the wildfire from reaching the country's premier nuclear-weapons laboratory and the surrounding community, scientists are busy sampling the air for chemicals and radiological materials: photo by Jae C. Hong/Associated Press)

The MSI produced robot named "Rich" demonstrates giving a tour walking down a garden trail in the Grand Hills apartment showroom of the Far Glory property company in Linkou, Taipei County, Taiwan, 18 October 2008: photo by Reuters/Nicky Loh (Taiwan)

gathered in the street in Storgata, Oslo,
after the explosion, Oslo, 23 July 2011
: photo by Johannes Grødem


John B-R said...

Tom, everybody's dawning prescience has its own flavor, but ... your rings a bill with me, and it seems to "harmonize" with mine, so let me share a few words scavenged by moi so far this morning (and yes, my harmony may be your WTF?). Sp please indulge ...:

"And remember: the despot is nothing more than a “dead rat’s ass suspended from the ceiling of the sky.” And remember your Allies when the moment is right: The Yellow Serpent and The Spitting Cobra and The Blue Mongoose and Old Sarge and Shifty Sawyer the End Run Kid. And even Audrey. Because why? Because when you learn to live, finally, you will find yourself one of the junk-suturing salvagepunks whose philosophy you have been central to constructing, trying to make it thru another day in the waste zones of your teeming plague city. Amid the tsunami’s “seaspawn and seawrack”, monsieur et madame Precario, dodging the banks and cannibals and general nastiness, the apocalyptic of our daily."

Be well. awell as can be.

Robb said...

Tom, this was wonderful. Shot right through me. I will need a lot of nocwlby to recover.

Elmo St. Rose said...

lion shrine at
Bandelier Nat'l park... never
made it there...altitude and
wild retardant dropped
from plane...thought I was in shape
but couldn't keep up with the
smoke jumpers...

the Indians purportedly discussed
the machinations at Los Alamos
in their kivas...
as the A Bomb was hatched just over
the pinion and juniper covered hills

Ed Baker said...

I too ..... know .... this
"female character"

a "del woman spilling out ...."
who 'scavenges' inside & outside of

"she is constructed by some semiconscious mask less self"

I skimmed through this post yesterday this morning READ the passage..... GOOD STUFF !

want is to see how you develop this .... well ... long-poem...

maybe "she & "you" can via any pressing presciented knowledge

"pin "her" down in all-ways juxtaposed with "your"

'CONSTRUCTED (by some) semiconscious mask less self" ?

methinks that you are 'on to' something big here....

maybe this requires a sheet of paper and a new ribbon ?

thanks... you 'made my day' .... again.

Ed Baker said...

"del woman spilling out"
should read/be written down as"
"REAL woman spilling out"

OH WELL, where IS my Lone Ranger mask & a
silver bullet ?



Wow, "these blistering resemblances" --- Johnny likes the intruder trapped in a net by the robot . . . .


grey whiteness of fog against invisible
top of ridge, birds calling from branch
in foreground, wave sounding in channel

has disappeared takes place
here, without however

ground the longer one looks,
but what was, exactly

grey white fog against invisible ridge,
shadowed green pine on tip of sandspit

TC said...

It may be that the intruder in the net is the novelist... or the anima of the soul spilling out from behind the Lone Ranger Mask.

Kemosabe and all that.

The conference was more than adequate. Groaning kegs of nocwlby.

Monsieur and Madame Precario came in pink retardant.

ACravan said...

You found a way to say more about the various events "covered" in this piece than all the news articles I've read "combined" (as they say). I've been carrying this around with me for the last couple of days and find it more and more powerful and intensely memorable. Curtis

Robb said...

+1 on what ACravan said.