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Saturday 17 December 2011

Hanging Skeletons


Hanging skeletons on the ceiling of the balcony area, Natural History Museum of London
: photo by Onofre_Bouvila, August 2006

If only we'd stayed up there

And never come down to stray

In search of supper

Detail from a shelf in the Tank Room within the Darwin Centre (Phase 1) at the Natural History Museum, London
: photo by Loxlie, 22 April 2006


TC said...

Funny thing, the hanging skeletons spoke to me. (Oh well, that's how things go these nights.)

And they said: "Hans Bellmer".

See Hans Bellmer: La mitrailleuse en état de gràce (The Machine Gun[neress] in a state of grace, 1937) -- middle image in that triad.

ACravan said...

We understand. Yikes! Curtis

TC said...


And all I can add is -- Double yikes!

And A., in busily passing through toward diurnal practical endeavour, puts in, "well, it's just because the things look so unappetizing!"

And then leaves to wade across the traffic stream on the freeway feeder, taking her life in her hands to get to the gangster grocery store, before I can enquire as to which "things" she means.

But I am relatively certain it's the formaldehyde-swimming creatures in the Tank Room.

They're pretty Yikesian. Giant squid, I do believe. One can be fairly certain the tree-swingers did not come down to dine on THEM.

Though, Hans Bellmer at table, a morsel of Giant Squid on a fork, raised toward his head... now that I can almost imagine.