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Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Susan Kay Anderson: Long (In the North)


Loen, Kjendalskronebrae, Nordfjord, Norway, c. 1890: photochrome print, Detroit Publishing Co., 1905 (Library of Congress)


The wait for summer long
the summer about a week
in all. It was mysterious
to imagine
any thing else.


Midnight sun, Bell Sound, Norway, c. 1890: photochrome print, Detroit Publishing Co., 1905 (Library of Congress)


Susan Kay Anderson said...

The midnight moon
will have to do
this summer
of berries
walking Daisy
not too far
from Nome
maybe up
to Chicken Hill
to the owls, the dirt
the Nome Nugget
a heavy idea
to carry

Susan Kay Anderson said...


Tom and Susan,

Jupiter and Venus low in the eastern sky, full moon going down as sun rises -- must be summer today, here at least for a day. . .


first silver edge of sun above shadowed
ridge, white circle of moon by branches
in foreground, sound of wave in channel

electromagnetic field, this
equation then defined

line drawn on the continuum,
therefore, it follows

grey white fog against invisible ridge,
line of pelicans flapping toward point

Susan Kay Anderson said...

By the sound
of the bell
I try to ignore
the moon
pretend it
is the sun
unwinding itself
now this day

TC said...

To have had Susan and Steve blessing this site with berries and moons and planets all through a day spent here in yet another awful entry into the shop till you drop glaring madhouse parking lots of a pre-Emission-Day holiday for yet another outpatient surgical procedure consequent to being run over by the demented horsepower (chariot without a consciousness at the reins) of an Empire gone mad and deluded by its own I-Phone Apps into thinking it has a future -- well, on such a day, one is grateful for one's friends.

And then fell darkness upon the simulated midnight sun-bursts of a thunderous storm of explosions preventing rest or peace or thought and reminding one, just that one more time before the next manmade "natural" disaster, how lucky a thing it is to be a Murkn.

(We may not have a Rome but we still have a Nome. And Norway... isn't that still part of Murka?)

Robb said...


TC said...

Exactly. The gal from Nome is our resident summer nugget provider.