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Sunday, 31 March 2013

Wrong from the Start (Deviant Easter Egg)


Egg of Columbus
: photo by Jacper "Kangel" Aniolek, 27 January 2007

The path of least resistance
is a straight line
but once you deviate
even slightly
the path of least
resistance becomes
that of greater
and greater

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Egg of Columbus: photo by Jacper "Kangel" Aniolek, 27 January 2007


vazambam (Vassilis Zambaras) said...

February 4, 2012—Le Poet Mauvais having his say:

“The codes know more about us than we ourselves know. They think we are the virus. Only a deviant would dare deviate.

Word verifications are the bad poetry of the future that wasn't... still probably superior, however, to the bad poetry of the present that isn't. Or is. All around us. And closing in.”

Dalriada said...
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Happy Easter to you & A !


light coming into fog against invisible
top of ridge, robin calling from branch
in foreground, sound of wave in channel

period not along in feeling
such events, possibly

revision of seeing reversed,
picture shifts, scene

triangular white peak in blue white sky,
sunlit green of trees on ridge below it

Hazen said...


Wooden Boy said...

Here's to all the wrong turns.

Curtis Faville said...

Ever try to draw a perfect circle freehand?

Deviation is a consequence of unregulated genetic mutation. The test of its viability is the success of the reproduced consequence. Favorable traits may achieve continuity.

Sounds poetic, doesn't it.

Curtis Faville said...


dawn cracks skull open with sound of
garbage truck idling at curb, crows
rip into black plastic container as

first rays peek over brushy suburban
ridge, evaporating morning mist into ether

dribble of scalding coffee sliding down
edge of cup threatens rough draft

salvaged by tongue from mortal
human stain, priceless annotation

TC said...

Thanks, friends.

By the by, Curtis, as a noted gourmand, you'll perhaps appreciate this.

Dalriada said...
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Dalriada said...
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Dalriada said...
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Unknown said...

Whalen drew a perfect circle, a bubble with a feather in it.

Unknown said...

oh and this, that almost passed me by. i was speaking with mom on Easter Sunday and we got to talking, and as i have been in the process of moving (again and again, always and always.) the books are kinda out of place. but there in the place of perfection, somehow it had landed, (through occurence & happenstance) your book Easter Sunday, right there, almost like a miracle on Easter Sunday.