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Saturday, 15 June 2013

Point Blank


Rain (Albany, California): photo by efo, 8 June 2013

Outside the tall building, two hoopers
carrying their court
shoes by knotted strings

pause before an impromptu
propped against institutional

concrete --
flowers, messages
penned neatly on large
poster bearing fine graphite

drawing of a basketball.
Shaking heads.

Good kid. Got rearended.

Made one very bad mistake.

Got out of his car.


Dog in yard (Westbrae, Berkeley): photo by efo, 3 May 2013


Balls: polyptych photo by efo, 26 May 2013


TC said...

Emeryville 22-year-old shot and killed in North Oakland after car collision

Unknown said...

tom- these last three are on fire!!! especially moving.

vazambam (Vassilis Zambaras) said...

Stupefyingly tragic.

The title says it all, and I find myself unwittingly remembering that Reader's Digest column, "Life in These United States" and can't help but think--what's the point?

Hazen said...

How is this any different from chaos, he wondered?,
over the distant wait of sirens.

Marie W said...

And now pause after an impromptu moment. A very, very long one...

Hazen said...

Those sirens should be wailing, not waiting. Chaos on the keyboard . . .

Wooden Boy said...

carrying their court
shoes by knotted strings

Something in this image: a vulnerability; waiting for the drop.

TC said...

Safe -- For Now (Temporary Respite)

Hazen's "slip" names the abyss that waits and wails.

It's so easy to slip.