LIMA, Peru (AP) — Authorities in Peru have detained a truck driver accused of damaging part of the world-renowned Nazca lines.

The nation’s Ministry of Culture says Jainer Flores drove into an unauthorized section of the U.N. World Heritage site on Saturday, leaving tracks and damaging part of three lines.

The Nazca lines are huge etchings depicting imaginary figures, creatures and plants that were scratched on the surface of a coastal desert between 1,500 and 2,000 years ago.

They are believed to have had ritual astronomical purposes.

Greenpeace activists damaged the lines by leaving footprints in the adjacent desert during an event in 2014.

 Peru's 2,000-year-old Nazca Lines were damaged on the weekend when a truck driver drove onto the site, leaving deep tire tracks.: image via DW - Culture @dwculture, 31 January 2018

blurred lines in the desert (the second temple was not like the first)

Times change, and anything we may ever have thought we did to get down to the truth of things
was just scratching the surface, and water and wind and a million unanticipated
other things are going to come along soon enough anyway and bury
all that dedicated effort, all that

sincere work and so if somebody wants
to save a buck or two on tolls
by driving a monster truck over all of it
they are welcome, because waiting

all this busy time, all these furious years
for your last breath to say all that effort, all that trouble
it doesn't matter any more
takes longer than anyone could have known, as a terrifying future speeds over the vast desert

profaning the antiquities
reminding you the second temple was not like the first
ruining the great work of time unseen
roaring blindly through the large superblood red once in a blue moon night toward you

Nazca | by nicolasnova