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Saturday, 9 May 2009

Through This Long Winter of Freakshows and Floods

File:Snoqualmie area flood.jpg

Our school a play, the play a carnival
In which the fool was me, the clown was me,
Mentor and tormentor in one role
Leaving you to wow the class, girl sawn in two,
Leaving me, that comic character, stranded
As the waters rose, me and that scrawny cat,
Half wild, on our raggedy raft in the flood,
An upside-down bumbershoot afloat above
Air ducts, vents, chimneys, TV antennae --
And when the raindrops weirded down
From unindulgent heavens threatened
Finally to engulf us, that little cat
Jumped in a pan set out to catch leaks
And started rowing toward morning

File:1936 Pittsburgh flood0007.jpg

Snoqualmie area flood: photo by Bdelisle, 2009

1936 Pittsburgh flood

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