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Sunday, 19 June 2011

On first reading The Rainbow


Takakkaw Falls, Yoho National Park, Alaska: photo by Frank Kowalchek, 2009

Heavy animated late summer clouds intense

riverine stillness slouching on the green banks of

the slow-running industrial-waste-laden Huron


Huron River, near Ann Arbor, Michigan: photo by AndrewHorne, 2010


manik sharma said...

These are amazing photos...slow running...mothering and carrying the scum of our so called procreation of the future or as we now like to call it recreation(for them who want things like they were)...What is to become of this beautiful place is often discussed..What has pushed under the carpet,knowingly...What do the snakes think when you go poking the earth with those gargantuan drills...? I guess they hope we are only cutting them broader air holes...

TC said...


I expect they probably think something along the lines of, Business as usual, or, Here we go again (over the falls)...

Anonymous said...

I read you, I see these images and I cannot stop thinking about this song.

TC said...

Thanks, dear Lucy.

If only we could Take It Back -- all the way to the beginning, and somehow start over.

Hoping you are well. We have been a bit worried about you, because of

Anonymous said...

We have been quite lucky. Just a few ashes have fallen here, enough to bother us but not enough to make us change our lives radically. In neighboring Villa La Angostura, though, a dreamed-of mountain village, most local dwellers have evacuated themselves and changed their residence because the town is no longer habitable. It is very sad.

Thank you for caring =)