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Tuesday, 25 August 2009




Before the light radiates, where do you place it,

back there or out here in the pre-world
of street riot and armed detachments
grown commonplace, where the beam rotates like a mars light,
thought is as cautiously leashed as a bungee cable jumper

entrusted to a body beyond your body -- is there
a body there, is it real, can you touch it
through the dark fire of the pre-world
that closes in? The presence of energy within
the elastic net fate weaves is the reckless

daredevil of the pre-world; fate allows it three
leaps, two snaps back, causing suffering,
causing hells; creating the body of desire,
suspending it in the vastness of space,
expanding it, disrupting it, offering it intense

resistance, whereof it can know itself.

File:Bungee jumping outside Macau Tower.jpg

Bungee jumping in Viaduc de la Souleuvre, Normandy: photo by Chmoeul, 2005

Bungee jumping outside Macau Tower: photo by Ellanor, 2007

2 comments: said...

more beautiful crafted unflinching observations, Tom (four poems? 'twas a busy night! - here in "the pre-world" and there in the weave (web world) of fate (Indra's net) which is only and always the same thing, right? - "all that ye know , "all ye can know" , quite a lot we might know, (and back, always finally back, to the body). Trust, ha!, all about trust (and I sure don't mean trust funds!).
De Kooning, with his Dutch accent, famously mispronounced it - "fate". You gotta have "faith
- and a drive and will - passionate will - necessary "resistance, whereof it can know itself"

TC said...


Love that De Kooning wisdom, wasn't he one of the pre-Socratics?

You gotta have fate... and as we cellar dwellers also know

You gotta have heart

(And you gotta have those heart retardants, too, to squeeze a few more slow beats out of the motor...)