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Friday, 21 August 2009

Night Sky



to Blanqui

The universe as the site of lingering cosmic
catastrophes – points of conflict in the text,
Nablus, Jenin,
through which it’s impossible to see the stars.

Dark spots that shade the eyes. “This eternity
of the human being among the stars is a melancholy
thing… There exists a world where a man follows a
road that, in the other world, his double did not take.”

The routinization of the suffering that comes with
having a soul. The martyr’s pain is repeated in
the same moment over and over again at infinite sites
scattered through the universe, pockets of darkness between stars.

Life as the monotonous flow of an hourglass
that eternally empties and turns itself over, teaching
yes, but always the same lesson, the new sand is
always old the old sand always new.

Early morning Cumulonimbus incus, northeast of Wagga Wagga, New South Wales, Australia
: photo by Bidgee, 2006


Farfalla Press said...

"pockets of darkness between stars"

I like thinking about that image, more so because it's unnamed but real when looking at the Moon or Mars.

Beautiful poem(s) Tom

TC said...

Thanks Gary.

Yes, I'm haunted by the idea that everything of import that ever happens is going in on in those blind spots, where we can't see it.

I still can't figure out whether this blindness is a deprivation or a mercy and a blessing...