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Saturday, 17 October 2009



File:Morning Fog at GGB.JPG

Slow cling of gray white rain at oyster dawn
As if thin cloth were being continually torn
Inside outside, soft sizzle of wet rubber
Hugging four lanes of blacktop traffic back
Firing bridgeward over this slicing sluiceway
That cuts slick and gleaming as a blade
Through dull wool light leaking from blue pleura

The locked in aqualung silence of what?

Advection fog at the Golden Gate Bridge: photo by Grombo, 2005


. said...

That first picture shows what a bridge should do on a foggy morning: suspend belief.

'As if thin cloth were being continually torn'. Great image!.


TC said...

Leigh: yes, certainly (among other things it should do).

About that line, thanks: it's one of those lines meant to sound like what they show, one might say.