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Tuesday, 15 December 2009

On the Lagunitas Road


File:Sherbrooke forest Victoria 220rs.jpg

In Sherbrooke Forest: photo by Patche99z, 2006

Light spray over a daisy chain of days.
Many wives, brought on rocking boats,
Dissolve into one loved damsel.
Jury of Sighs, it is Time
To load the back with groceries.
Did I drive right? Risky slopes
Deer start across, hushed timber
Cool and the engine smoking.
When mouths of fog cover the truck
Pushed by wind, the ocean sends
Us violet shrouds, bears
Brush us in the dark eucalyptus.
Where the hawk dives, a flowing zone
Lights the road. A brown head whispers,
Friend of a lonesome man
In the restless advance of trees
And cars, signalling the way. 



'49 Chevrolet 3100 1/2 ton and '54 deluxe: photo by Writegeist, 2007


human being said...

what a picture!
better to say what a motion picture!

and i loved this very much:

'the restless advance of trees'

yes... when we are on a car we see trees moving... but your description was soulful...

TC said...


Over these gently rolling hills the forest unravels like a scroll before the travelers who advance into it, but of course the restlessness is not in the trees but in the viewer, who would settle his uneasy soul with the help of a whispering friend.

. said...

'Did I drive right?' stands out for me, and visuals abound, around it.

aditya said...

Absolutely, as Human Being said. Its a motion picture you paint, set rolling for that matter.

Jury of Sighs .. has me smiling even now. I read this 2 days ago. :)

Curtis Faville said...

Primeavil forest, lurking dinosaurs.

Or eucalyptus grove on Eastern side of Bolinas mesa.

Bury me there, for I long to moulder in the rich loam of the sacred rotting earth.

TC said...

Curtis, many thanks.

If there's room for two down there, let me and my memories join you. I am tired of pavement.

Enough with surface life already. There's no future in it.