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Tuesday 1 December 2009

One Bird


File:Bubulcus ibis P4233420.jpg


in a vast expanse

of concrete

Bubulcus ibis, breeding plumage, Yunlin County, Taiwan: photo by Alnus, 2008


Bob Arnold / Longhouse said...
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Bob Arnold / Longhouse said...

Tom —

Go, Man, Go!

I'll chime one bird moment here with this one. Hear me? Of course you do — your window is always open, you're rounding the neighborhood on your prowl.

These all make a stacked beauty anthology of reading. I wouldn't dare touch a line to show why.

TC said...

Thanks Bob,

Down to a hopeful wobble, listening for the peeps.

(A window opened just now for a cat in the night so why not one for you, too... in the morning.)