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Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Robert Creeley: Window


File:Eismeer window.jpg

Sometimes it seems just

a push would get you over
the rooftops and out into air

it feels has nothing but
space to give you. This
riding high was made for serious

people who want to live but
can't. Just a push and you're up there,
out, and free as the birds.

Window: Robert Creeley, from Places, 1990

Out the window of the Eismeer station of the Jungfraubahn, Switzerland: photo by Stan Shebs, 1996




Such a great poem, and to go "up there,/ out" with this photo, wow (!). . . .

TC said...

Yes, Steve, one can really feel oneself falling with/up into it.

Curtis Roberts said...

Such a great poem and, for the first time I feel happy at a vertigo-inducing vision. The window here is so different in mood and aspect than the Kirchner windows in Sign and Enclosure.

TC said...

Yes, Curtis, a sense of liberation as opposed to a sense of entrapment, perhaps.

Sandra (if) said...

a push...a push...thinking about this..!

TC said...

There are certainly sensations of risk, of danger, of a scary kind of vertigo, along with the sensation of liberation, in this poem.

Probably at one time or another we have all stood at a high window and experienced these sensations or something like them.

Anonymous said...

And sometimes it is life that gives you a push and you find yourself spreading out your wings and flying into the freedom of discovering who you are =)

TC said...

...with a bit of luck...