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Saturday, 12 June 2010

Ungaretti: Mattina (Morning)


File:Peach Glow water-lily at Brooklyn  Botanic Garden.jpg

Santa Maria La Longa il 26 gennaio 1917


File:MtCleveland ISS013-E-24184.jpg

Santa Maria La Longa 26 January 1917

Morning arrives
Big Time

File:Cone Nebula (NGC 2264) Star-Forming  Pillar of Gas and  Dust.jpg

Santa Maria La Longa 26 January 1917

Morning arrives
Wide Eyed

File:Red eyed tree frog edit2.jpg

Giuseppe Ungaretti: Mattina (Morning), from L'allegria di naufragi (Joy of Shipwrecks), 1919, trans. (with variant) TC

Flower of the "Peach Glow" cultivar of water-lily (Nymphaea), just after rain, Brooklyn Botanic Garden: photo by Ragesoss, 2008
Astronaut photo of ash cloud from volcanic eruption, Mt. Cleveland, Alaska, 26 March 2006: image by ISS Crew Earth Observations experiment/Image Science & Analysis Group, Johnson Space Center, 2006 (ESA/NASA)
Cone Nebula, a star-forming pillar of gas and dust, 7 light years long, 2,500 light years away from Earth, in constellation Monoceros: Hubble Space telescope image by ACS Science Team, 2 April 2002 (NASA)
Red-eyed Tree Frog (Agalychichnis callidryas), near Playa Jaco, Costa Rica: photo by Carey James Balboa, 2007


poetowen said...

morning's here
heavy load

aditya said...

Morning arrives
a little
too early.

TC said...

sunrise wasted
on the insomniac

Anonymous said...

Every morning is an oportunity for an awakening. Good morrow =)



Yes, again today it (morning) arrived - - -


first grey light in sky above blackness
of ridge, silver of planet above branch
in foreground, sound of wave in channel

reflection of thought itself,
present phenomena which

further, pictorial synthesis
here, instance observed

cloudless blue sky reflected in channel,
cormorants flapping across toward point

AJP Crown said...

The red-eyed tree frog (that's a proper name, no irrelevancies like "flat-headed"): what an inspiration. Cricketers ought to revert to white, but how much better the World Cup teams could look dressed in shiny outfits like that, with red sunglasses.

AJP Crown said...

(And orange boots and gloves).


And (blinding) arrives again, calling "Chi-ca-go" --


silver edge of sun rising over shadowed
plane of ridge, quail calling Chi-ca-go
in foreground, sound of wave in channel

thinking the sense of a note,
look beyond perspective

is what makes position, body
echo, how long it takes

cloudless blue sky reflected in channel,
shadowed green canyon of ridge above it

knott said...

Drummond described one of his versings from another language as

"paraphrasticalie translated"


/dawn: dimwit

/me in the limo
dyed menstrual

TC said...


Two years ago I did a post on an English sporting site in which I suggested the England uniforms are bland and dull. There was unhappiness about that (it was a British site). I notice they have not changed their kit as yet.

I would agree that the red-eyed tree frog design would make a very vivid kit. The closest to realizing this sort of "colour concept" in recent World Cup entries was the Cameroon side of a few years back which wore tight-fitted shimmering green and red. That shiny form-fitting spandex-y number was outlawed by the grand overlords of FIFA for some reason I forget (fear of beauty, I believe it was), but the colours at least are maintained in the current kit of Cameroon.

As for the red eyes, that would probably take a few nights out on the town followed by early morning training.

(On a probably entirely unrelated subject -- though perhaps not really as all this colour business is after all related at least approximately to natural selection -- a few nights back I heard a straight-faced, somber interview with the head of the medical staff of one of the Latin American teams, who, when asked his recommendations as to sexual conduct between the players and their wives/girlfriends in the run-up to these titanic matches, said that the type and pace of conjugal activity advised was "normal". I should hope so.)


position, body

pretty much sums things up, as to all the above. Sort of.

Bill, I love

/dawn: dimwit

English will never be as mellifluous and sonorous as Italian, and so we're bound to come out sounding a bit daffy with this one; you have taken that drawback of the endeavour and made it into an advantage.


In 1685 John Dryden, then the Poet Laureate, confessed, "For this past half Year I have been troubled with the disease (as I may call it) of Translation."

That was when he was in the throes of his Vergil. A project that might have been improved by a dash of paraphrastical rascality?

AJP Crown said...

If they'd taken your advice, they wouldn't be in this mess. We had the current England strip when I was at school; it wasn't inspirational, if anything it made you want to take a nap.

Cameroon's not bad, but personally I'd be more likely to go to bed with the tree frog.

TC said...


That might give a whole new meaning to the phrase "bed hopping".

Cameroon's on right now and here we are talking about sex with tree frogs.

In fact one might say they are "on song", as Alex Song plays in midfield for them. And here we are talking about...

There was an article I surfed extremely swiftly past the other day, "What the Internet Does to the Brain".

Something wonderful it must do, wouldn't you speculate?