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Tuesday, 20 July 2010



File:Pahoeoe fountain original.jpg

Out of a hollow somnambulism
the fountain of sparks throws up its brilliant
stand of bougainvillea
arco de cielo rojo
against the night sky

Red sky arc
pales in significance
above the vents
to an underworld
that doesn't signify

File:Milky Way IR Spitzer.jpg

Pahoehoe fountain issuing from western end of a series of spatter cones and vents, south of Pu'u Kahaualea, Hawaii: photo by Jim D. Griggs, 1983 (USGS)
Stars crowded into the core of Milky Way galaxy: photo by NASA/JPL-Caltech/S. Stolovy (SSC/Caltech), 2006 (NASA)


Curtis Roberts said...

The Pahoehoe fountain looks like a recumbent elephant.

Sandra (if) said...


TC said...


La fuente Pahoehoe se inclina
como un elefante en decúbito
ante el terror del hampa hermosa

Curtis Roberts said...

That's excellent!

Issa's Untidy Hut said...

With the juxtaposition of the pictures (and what pictures) and wonder full words, my mind instantly conjured up both Yosano Akiko and Bashō and their poems on the Milky Way ...

The rough sea—
Extending toward Sado Isle,
The Milky Way.

The river of stars
begins to part high
in the Milky Way while
through the curtains of our bed,
I lie awake and watch
Yosano Akiko

The Bashō especially seems relevant with its correspondences, but even the Yosano gives the sense of relative proportion I get from the poem and photos.

Beautiful, Tom.

TC said...

Curtis, Don, thanks.

And to think that in the days of Basho there was no Hubble.

(The imagination could fill in a lot, one imagines.)

~otto~ said...

And finally I realize blogger has eaten a comment of mine. ... This took me back to the Big Island of Hawaii, where all of this can be seen in the same day, the core of the Earth pouring into the ocean and on top of the island's tallest peek you can see the sky the way the first humans saw the sky, what the new earth is being born into.

TC said...

Otto, you are fortunate to have experienced what some may go a lifetime without.

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