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Friday, 9 July 2010

Indirect Directives


File:Ein Jet am blauen Himmel.JPG

"Learn to unlearn" recalls "remember to forget".

Indirect directives.

In these aporia, the game of words, which refuses either to unlearn or to forget its words, disguises the extreme difficulty, or perhaps the extreme simplicity, of the exercise.

File:Crossing trails.jpg

each lesson i learn/is/another lesson i should unlearn: human being, fourteen, from Thus Spake the Crow, 7 July 2010

Jet plane and contrail against blue sky: photo by Kintaiyo, 2005
Jet contrails crosing over Frankfurt, Germany: Miguel Andrade, 2006


Curtis Roberts said...

After a stormy (not in the literal weather sense, but in the mood of things) morning, the lucidity of this, and the cool blue and white and straight and crossed lines, reached me in the cool blue and white (with some dingy gray thrown in) of the Sport-o-Rama skating facility in Monsey, New York. Now I'm riding the contrails somewhere, fulfilling a longtime ambition. I enjoyed visiting Thus Spake The Crow a lot.

aditya said...

Yes Tom. I finally got to understand what she meant. After her amazingly lucid elucidation.

Remember to forget.

Another wonderful way to put it.

human being said...

YOU ARE A GEM! a rare one!


i'll be back soon...

and wow! saw Curtis's comment...
am grateful for the visit...

namaste to you both...

human being said...


ha ha!
see the link above!

this is a big compliment!thanks...

TC said...

Thanks, friends.

I feel like I've spent much of my life learning to unlearn, and still haven't learnt.

"Remember to forget" is Jim Morrison.

(Lest one forget.)