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Thursday, 11 November 2010

Stephen Ratcliffe: 11.10


Stinson Beach, Bolinas and Point Reyes: photo by Harold Davis, 2007

pale orange of sky above still shadowed

plane of ridge, red-tailed hawk calling

in foreground, sound of wave in channel

is a kind of concealment in

which one is what, is

looking across the room, is

feeling that, picture

silver line of sun reflected in channel,

white cloud in pale blue sky on horizon


South Farallon Island: photo by Harold Davis, 2007

Stephen Ratcliffe: 11.10 from Temporality


TC said...

As the general light supply dwindles (a kind of concealment), the pale orange of the sky, the red-tailed hawk, the white cloud and the pale blue sky stand out as signals of a kind... recalling the previous winter season in this cycle... which now begins to take on a kind of "poetic almanac" quality.

The colours are the life.

Beautiful, Steve.

Putting the continuity into the continuum.

TC said...

(... while over here on the urban landmass, Standard-Time dawn breaks clear and cold, a few pearly cirrus floating across above the hills to the east, visible through drooping redwood boughs... with dayworld commuter traffic already building toward flood tide beneath the ancient disinterested cathedral of Sequoia sempervirens...)


Thanks very much for this, you were up early (or late), also "putting continuity into the continuum" -- what else can we do? In today's (11.11.2010) installment of the almanac, another cloud came to light. . . .


red-orange line of cloud above shadowed
ridge, silver of planet beside branches
in foreground, wave sounding in channel

form, see from this example
how position of index

appears to be increased, as
in part, near visible

silver line of sun reflected in channel,
whiteness of gull flapping toward ridge

Anonymous said...

For weary eyes and a tired mind, encountering these (all of these; the extraordinary photos, the poems and the colloquy) is simply a panacea. What a lovely collaboration. Your art, Stephen, crept up on me gradually and made my mind work (better and better). Now it is one of the ways I order my thoughts and the way I look at things every day. Thank you for that. And greetings from Philadelphia where it's also getting cold (although today was quite warm at times and beautiful) and I'm trying to keep up with the falling leaves.


Thanks Tom for thoughts of "ancient disinterested cathedral of Sequoia sempervirens," and Curtis "trying to keep up with the falling leaves." Another clear one here, sun rising in West Coast Standard Time. . . .