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Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Zippy Goes Axolotl



Zippy the Pinhead, 27 February, 2007: Bill Griffith/ King Features (image by Pepso, 2007)


Anonymous said...

It's really great in a comic when the last line is the best. That was highly enjoyable.

Anonymous said...

There is a great deal of internet action regarding Nic Cage's hairpiece in relation to his upcoming role in Ghost Rider 2. I had never really considered the question before, but following that predictable phenomenon where someone tells you not to notice something and that's ALL you ever notice ever again, I'm afraid I'll be watching the film with a single subject in mind. But I will be watching the film. We're a Ghost Rider watching family.

TC said...

Now Curtis, how on earth did you know what was in that cropped frame?

Are you psychic?

Or perhaps you caught a fleeting glimpse, before the axolotls ate it?

For those who do not have access to the paranormal, the last frame had this text:

"And their huge PLASMA SCREEN TV is a great comfort..."

(Zippy and Zerbina are wowed by their new giant flat-screen.)

Zippy: "Angelina Jolie's LIPS are HUGE."

Zerbina: "Is that a large new TOUPEE on Nicolas Cage?"

(This post was, er... a test. Of the "system". For axolotl bugs, that is.)

TC said...

Ah, Curtis now I understand what axolotl combat fatigue had previously blinded me to... that is, the fact that the little phantom Mickey Mouse watch-hand glides over Zippy and Zerbina, disclosing, upon a simple click, their plasma-screen experience to anyone who is... almost as intelligent as Zippy, I guess.

TC said...

(Which, of course, leaves me out. Or at least it did, yesterday. It's the senior progress equation: for each million brain cells that die each day, one new baby braincell is born, already looking back anxiously over its shoulder... )