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Monday, 24 January 2011

Buson: Fish Trap


Fish trap by lfom5608 on

Fish trap, Yangtze River: photo by Ifom5608, 2008 (via Now Public)

A bird calls;
The sound of the water darkens
Round the fish-trap.

File:Đặt đó.jpg

Vietnamese traditional fish trap: photo by Petr and Bara Ruzicka, 2006

A bird calls: Yosa Buson (1716-1783), translated by Reginald Horace Blyth


Ed Baker said...

this one brought a tear-to-my-eye
...both of them


Grown men playing
in stream
w rocks
for survival

then fast forward to
Agent Orange / Napalm

that plover is a Beauty

recalls to me a
Bird I once knew

( a Shrike)

TC said...

Hey Ed, this is a relief, we missed you -- still somewhat the worse for wear, here, medical consequences from last month's bad fall, this is no country for old men, so last night when somebody said, "Where's Ed?..."

Well, I'm kind of superstitious lately.

Here's what Blyth has to say about this one:

"Bamboo rods bound together like a long net are stuck in lines along the shallow bed of the river, forming a kind of trap for fish in winter. In the evening, the trapper goes to see the place and shut up the narrow opening. At this moment some water-bird screeches, and at the sound the waters darken."

Ed Baker said...


been busy divesting myself

so that in my Olde Age
I can get me some of that Medicaide
and a Funk and Waggnell so I can learn how to spell
more better

yeah and another yeah:
Old age ain't for sissies!

THAT Blyth .. he had SOME spirit...

get it!?! Blythe Spirit...

hang in, man..... damn few of us Olde Phartz left...

pee est

what happened to those dog wounds? did the dawg after he bit you

I mean

people these daze care more about them Moron DAWGS
than the people they (the dawgs) Bite!

they fish similarily all over the world...

cast their nets
into the morning

from a poem I wrote in 1968
watching from the hill above The Bay of St. Paul
fishermen ..... fishing...

they'd give away the lobs'ers and octopies

too much trouble to prep
besides they were mostly friday fish-eaters
and dancers

Anonymous said...

I will carry this one around with me forever, I expect, including Ed's Agent Orange/Napalm comment and Bird I once knew (a Shrike).

Ed Baker said...

Hey Curtis

here's a scan of the original/entire SHRIKE:

not great poetry OR great art ....

but, what is?