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Friday, 21 January 2011

Earth: Near to Far


File:Lütt-Witt Moor-2.jpg

Lütt-Witt Moor, a bog in Henstedt-Ulzburg, northern Germany:
photo by Jan van der Crabben, 2005


Landscape of the Hautes Fagnes, in East-Belgium, close to the German border, vicinity of Kutenhart, near Brackvenn
photo by Aline, 2004

File:Kaali main crater on 2005-08-10.3.jpg

Largest of nine meteor craters at Kaali, island of Saarema, Estonia:
photo by Siim Ansaar, 2005

File:Ynyslas Sand Dunes 1.jpg

Waymarked boardwalk trail through the sand dunes of Ynyslas in Ceredigion, Wales
: photo by Badgernet, 2008


Marsh Bride Brook and Coastal Salt Marsh, East Lyme, Connecticut: photo by Alex756, 2003

File:WP 35, SDr9776.JPG

Savanna in Burkina Faso, near the Gbomblora department, on the road from Gaoua to Batié: photo by Stefan Dressler, 2009

File:Selo Kostenets rain.jpg

Village of Kostenets, Bulgaria: photo by Cassini83, 2006


A thunderstorm with heavy precipitation over Fogg Dam Conservation Reserve in the lower Adelaide River catchment, Northern Territory, Australia: photo by Bidgee, 2007

File:Longji terrace - 03.JPG

Longsheng rice terrace, Longsheng County, Guilin, China
: photo by Anna Frodesiak, 2009

File:A view towards Torres Del Paine.jpg

Looking toward Torres del Paine, Chile ("The blue colour-cast is real, it's just the colour of the light down there")
: photo by Winky, 2005


The four summits of Mount Aragats, Armenia: photo by Bouarf, 2007

File:Camino a Samaipata Santa Cruz Bolivia.jpg

Landscape of Samaipata, two hours from Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia
: photo by Natalia Rivera, 2007

File:Repoveden Kansallispuisto Kesayonauringossa.jpg

Reprovesi National Park, Kouvola, southeastern Finland. in midnight sun:
photo by M. Passinen, 2006


Levittown, Pennsylvania, aerial view
: photographer unknown, 1959
(National Archives and Records Administration)

File:Lake Assal 3-Djibouti.jpg

Lake Assai, Djibouti, the most saline body of water on Earth, with 34.8% salt concentration: photo by Fishercd, 2007

File:Howard's Pass Yukon Territory 1.jpg

Mountain, sky, light and shadow at Howard's Pass, Yukon Territory, near North West Territory, Nahanni National Park, Canada: photo by Jo Ohara, 2006

File:Vegas de San Francisco.jpg

Vegetation on the Argentinian side of the border between the Argentinian province of Catamarca and the Atacama region of Chile, after passing the Paso de San Francisco: photo by Eric Depagne, 2005


Arenal, an active andesitic volcano in Northern Costa Rica, 90 km. northwest of San José
, erupting: photo by Matthew
Landry, 2006

File:Rigel fedchenko.jpg

Fedchenko Glacier, Pamir Mountains, Tajikstan: photo by Georgy Salnikov, 2008




Oh, what a beautiful tour of the planet -- "I guess that means you can stay up all night in Finland" (Johnny)


orange edge of sun behind still shadowed
trees, motionless green leaves on branch
in foreground, waves sounding in channel

red fox walks across bricks,
how long was his tail

where did he come from, why
here now, where going

cloudless blue sky reflected in channel,
sunlit white cloud to the left of point

Anonymous said...

I've been with these all day. I approached them quickly at first, then slowly. I tried to decide which was my "favorite", which was a good exercise that allowed each one to reveal itself to me. They're all my favorite and I find each of them both familiar and strange & exotic. Even Levittown, which as someone who grew up on Long Island and became aware of Levittown (both Long Island's version and the other Levittown projects)at an early age, also appears to me as inevitable. The Inevitability of Levittown. I would guess that means more to someone from Long Island (or from Levittown) than anyone else.

TC said...

Johnny is too right.

Let not the Inevitability of Levittown be an occasion for levity(!).