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Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Good (Captive Bolt Stunning)



A steer restrained just before captive bolt stunning, prior to slaughter
: photo by Temple Grandin, 2004

It's so good to know they do these things in a more civilized way now.

But still, that glazed expression in the frozen eye --

has the animal spirit already left the locked-up body,

somewhere back there in the electric powered death chute?

Cash's captive bolt pistol: photo by geni, 2008

Meat processing and packing plant, Dodge City, Kansas: photo by Nyttend, 2008


aditya said...

Cows are such gentle animals Tom. My mother had lived some years in her village with a cow. And when we were kids she used to tell us all kinds of funny stories about her. And we used to laugh a lot.
Eventually the cow was sold off. The very next day she had traveled some six kms to be back at the door ringing her bells waiting/wanting to get in.

(I do not remember but my mother must have had 'that glazed expression' in her eyes when she recalled this)

'It's so good to know they do these things in a more civilized way now'

Religion precedes(?) civility

Also i came across this some days ago.


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TC said...

Varanasi is the Concrete Form of the Human Abstract Everywhere

Robb said...

My thoughts are turning more and more toward vegetarianism.


Robb said...

Thanks for this.

TC said...


My thoughts have been a tossed salad for years now.

"Annihilating all that's made
To a green thought in a green shade"

(Marvell, "The Garden")

If the market ever runs out of Top Ramen, we'll have to go the Middle Somen Way.