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Tuesday, 3 December 2013

In Wonderland


No Wake (Port Sanilac, Michigan): photo by David Cory, 21 September 2013

Me old
No wake
Time coming
Empty sign

Alternate route
Rapture trap
Hide my eyes
In Wonderland

There Was a Time... (Time Oldsmobile, Massachusetts Avenue and Mill Street, Arlington, Massachusetts): photo by Robert Schneider (rolopix), June 2000

Rapture (Medford, Massachusetts): photo by Robert Schneider (rolopix), 18 November 2013

Land of unreasoning contrast: photo by efo, 14 November 2013

Alternate Route: photo by Jim Rohan (LowerDarnley), 30 November 2010


ACravan said...

This is too fine for superfluous words. I am going to try to sleep for another hour now and in the unlikely event that I do, I imagine it will look and sound a lot like this, especially the David Cory picture, but all the others also. Curtis

manik sharma said...


Curtis talked it up before i could. I agree,that first picture is something..Anything between a word or two would only imbue impotence into the feeling it leaves you with..I'll stop typing now..

TC said...

Muchas gracias, Curtis and Manik. But Curtis, No Wake! No Wake!

Doctor My Eyes: Jackson Browne, with the great David Lindley, Shepherd's Bush, London, 1978 (Live on the BBC)

(And as to the astonishing efo pic, well, maybe if you'd lost your balls like the poor fellow in the museum, you'd be hiding your eyes too... girls.)



Thanks for this ALT. ROUTE / TO / WONDERLAND -- beautiful poem, and photos.

Nora said...

I used to live one subway stop from Wonderland.

vazambam (Vassilis Zambaras) said...

In 8 lines consisting of 17 words, you've captured it all--as Curtis says, "too fine for superfluous words".

ACravan said...

The Jackson Browne/David Lindley performance was wonderful. I remember first reading about Jackson in long-forgotten Cheetah magazine (it was a sort of hip alternative to 16) in 1967 in an article where he was grouped with Tim Buckley and Steve Noonan as one of the "Orange County Three." He came on slowly and steadily. David Lindley is simply astonishing. How does he do that? Curtis

TC said...

Thanks to kind friends.

We seem to have been elevated -- transported -- ?

How else can it be that we now find ourselves looking down on Wonderland?