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Thursday, 26 December 2013

Nightly Encounter


Nightly Encounter: photo by Michel Hummel (Spitting Doc), 29 November 2013

so little time left now
and the double that walks beside
this vague luminous figure
materializing from night vapors
is a prisoner of memory

Citizen Kane and his Chinese Cup of Mercy: photo by Michel Hummel (Spitting Doc), 2 February 2013


ACravan said...

Reading the shop talk about Brovira photographic paper in connection with one of the photographs in no way demystifies or drains the emotions from the story of the mentally shackled double. It has the opposite effect, actually. Beginning the day with a dream instead of coffee. 30 minutes left until the dogs bring me right up to the moment. Curtis

TC said...


The disinterested witness whom we keep on hand for such occasions suggests that the speaker of the poem is not a dreamer but an insomniac haunted by the past.

(One must always trust one's analyst.)

But now, coffee -- of that we have plenty.



so little time left now

left, right, left, right . . .

the disinterested witness must be right . . .

happy boxing day

Unknown said...

Actually, I was the dreamer. And neither the dogs nor coffee brought me up to the moment. That didn't happen and I kept dreaming until learning that the stock market is apparently valuing Twitter at a price that exceeds what seems to be its real value (based on its utility and aesthetics) by an approximately infinite amount. I just don't "get" anything any longer. Curtis

TC said...

Boxing with shadows... this jolly boxing day morn.

Nin Andrews said...

A lot of shadows following me around today, but tis the shadow season. The stock market is an odd metaphor for shadow play and doubles, isn't it? Interesting to read this and the comments.

Wooden Boy said...

I get what the analyst is saying.

It's always provisional work - unfinished - getting a self in focus. Two ghosts haunting each other here, leaving this reader in vertigo.